30 Days of Salads

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Yes, it’s possible to eat a healthy salad every day without getting bored — the trick is to vary flavors, textures and ingredient types. Try our favorite fresh, seasonal salad recipes below, then check out our chart for more mixing and matching ideas.

Day 1: Beet Salad with Mushrooms, Goat Cheese and Arugula
For added texture, top this salad with garlic chips, which are easy to make. Click through to the recipe to find out how!
Day 2: Celery Root and Carrot Remoulade
Toss this fresh-tasting salad with remoulade, a mayonnaise-based dressing that includes mustard, capers and herbs. Use store-bought mayonnaise or, if you prefer, homemade aioli.
Day 3: Kale Salad with Creamy Lemon Dressing
This nutritious (and delicious) salad relies on kale instead of the more traditional lettuce. Torn croutons add a rustic touch to the dish.
Day 4: Chinese Chicken Salad
Fried wonton strips add crunch to this full-meal salad, which is chock-full of vegetables and tender pieces of chicken, all tossed with an Asian-inspired vinaigrette.
Day 5: Farro and Quinoa Salad with Pomegranate Vinaigrette
Hearty and healthful, this salad is packed with nutrient-dense foods, including farro, quinoa and pomegranate. Celery and fennel add a pleasing crunch to the mix.
Day 6: Fattoush Salad with Ricotta Salata Cheese
Deep crimson ground sumac is an essential ingredient in this dish — its citrusy tang cannot be matched, so seek out the spice in Middle Eastern or specialty-food stores.
Day 7: Southwestern Salad
Spicy, crunchy and refreshing, this winter salad includes roasted butternut squash, avocado and jicama, plus black beans and cotija cheese, a hard Mexican cow’s milk cheese. It’s hearty enough for a complete meal.
Day 8: Wedge Salad with Buttermilk Dressing and Blue Cheese
Buttermilk and low-fat Greek yogurt lend body to this tangy salad dressing without the added fat of mayonnaise.
Day 9: Brussels Sprout and Arugula Salad with Walnuts
Shaving Brussels sprouts with a mandoline creates thin ribbons that give this salad a wonderful texture.
Day 10: Field Salad with Pancetta and Walnuts
Bold, bitter greens like dandelion, frisée, escarole, arugula or radicchio stand up well to the big flavors of walnuts, cheese and crisp pancetta.
Day 11: Warm Squash Salad with Teleme and Pepitas
Here, oven-hot squash warms the spinach and melts the edges of tart, semisoft Teleme cheese, blending the flavors.
Day 12: Vietnamese Flank Steak Salad
Tender rice noodles and a trio of green herbs define this fresh Asian main.
Day 13: Kale Salad with Pine Nuts, Currants and Parmesan
Here, kale is treated similarly to cabbage in a slaw—it’s marinated to create a tender and flavorful salad.
Day 14: Curried Chicken Salad
This turmeric-spiced salad can be served mounded on lettuce leaves, stuffed into avocado halves or between slices of bread for sandwiches.
Day 15: Warm Wild Mushroom Salad with Bacon Vinaigrette
Bitter radicchio and peppery arugula are layered with a warm mushroom mixture for extra flavor, color and crunch.
Day 16: Spinach, Pear and Pomegranate Salad
Pomegranate seeds and walnuts add extra antioxidant power to this seriously nutritious—and delicious—salad.
Day 17: Smoked Trout and Apple Salad with Polenta Croutons
Golden polenta croutons flavored with Parmigiano-Reggiano add sweet crunch to this elegant salad of delicate flaked trout and crisp sliced apples.
Day 18: Chopped Salad with Broccoli, Egg and Radicchio
There’s plenty of protein packed into this hearty salad. For a lower-fat version, omit the cheese and remove the yolks from the hard-cooked eggs.
Day 19: Shaved Fennel Salad with Citrus and Olives
Simple and fresh come together in this refreshing salad, which features just three ingredients: oranges, fennel and olives.
Day 20: Farro Salad with Turkey and Roasted Squash
In this grain-based salad, sweet-and-sour dried cranberries contrast with smoked turkey and earthy butternut squash, resulting in a wonderful layering of tastes and textures.
Day 21: Wilted Spinach Salad with Pancetta Lardons and Warm Vinaigrette
Our version of the classic warm spinach salad features a delicious combination of flavors and textures: sweet-tart dried fruit, crunchy toasted almonds and bits of savory pancetta.
Day 22: Mustard-Peppercorn Steak and Arugula Salad
Here, thinly sliced steak seasoned with mustard seeds and peppercorns is served on a bed of crisp arugula.
Day 23: Endive Salad with Persimmon and Pomegranate
Ripe, thinly sliced persimmons combine with endive leaves and tangy cheese for a delicious cool-weather salad.
Day 24: Grilled Halloumi and Little Gem Salad with Preserved-Lemon Dressing
Firm halloumi cheese holds its shape when grilled. In this recipe, its mild flavor complements bold preserved lemons.
Day 25: Lobster and Butter Lettuce Salad
Tangy grapefruit provides a refreshing contrast to rich lobster meat and creamy avocado in this luncheon-friendly salad.
Day 26: Cranberry Bean, Broccoli Rabe and Bacon Salad
Creamy-textured, nutty-flavored cranberry beans pair beautifully with winter greens in this hearty mix.
Day 27: Endive, Radicchio and Apple Salad
Crisp, pleasantly bitter Belgian endive and radicchio; matchstick-cut crunchy, tart apples; crumbled salty bacon; and creamy ranch-style dressing—this salad has a flavor and texture to make every guest happy.
Day 28: Green Salad with Serrano Ham and Tomato Vinaigrette
This Mediterranean-inspired salad stars hard-boiled eggs, green and black olives and thinly sliced Serrano ham for a flavor-packed dish.
Day 29: Roasted Pork Tenderloin and Cornichon Salad
This composed salad can serve as a lunch or light dinner — accompany with mustard and freshly sliced baguettes.
Day 30: Niçoise Salad
The versions of this renowned French salad are infinite, but nearly all include lettuce, tomatoes, potatoes, green beans, eggs, anchovies and niçoise olives. Ours has tuna — fresh or canned — for added protein.

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    I love your list of salads! I absolutely agree with your article – as long as you change things up, salads can be delicious, interesting and filling. If I’m eating a main course salad, I always make sure I include some kind of protein such as meat, chicken, seafood, beans, lentils or cheese. And a handful of seeds or nuts is always a welcome addition.

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