5 Ways with Kabobs

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Whether I’m cooking for two people or for ten, kabobs are a go-to for summer dinners. It’s no chore to thread meat and vegetables onto metal or soaked skewers and marinate them for a couple of hours — the effort pays off once their savory, smoky aroma begins wafting from the grill.


Another beautiful thing about kabobs? You don’t have to eat them on the skewers. (I realized only recently, but it’s probably obvious to everyone else.) Consider those thin spears an efficient vehicle for grilling bite-size ingredients, and serve them however you like.


Here are a few ideas for enjoying kabobs this summer:


Shrimp and Bell Pepper KabobsFor an appetizer or light afternoon meal, these flavorful shrimp kabobs fit the bill. Try serving them on short skewers with a dip or sauce, like chimichurri or romesco.
Pork Tenderloin, Bread and Bacon Kabobs with SageThese main-course kabobs use rustic flavors to give simple skewers a touch of elegance. The bread is an unexpected addition, but you’ll love how it absorbs the flavors of the meat. Serve on a bed of romaine lettuce for a hearty dinner salad.
Korean Beef and Shiitake SkewersBring classic Asian flavors like soy sauce and green onions to the grill with these kabobs. Serve on the skewer, or place the beef and mushrooms on a bed of steamed rice.
Summer Vegetable KabobsLooking for a quick veggie dish? These skewers of lightly dressed squash, peppers, eggplant and mushrooms take less than half an hour to prepare, start to finish. Serve them over rice or pasta for a main course, or alongside grilled meat, poultry or fish as a side dish.
Tropical Fruit Kabobs with Rum SauceThis recipe takes classic grilled pineapple to a new level by throwing mango, banana and peach into the mix. These kabobs get a flavor boost from a sweet rum sauce; serve with coconut sorbet and pretend you’re on a beach in Brazil.


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