Ask Us Your Thanksgiving Questions!


We are Thanksgiving experts at Williams-Sonoma, ready to lend a hand with everything you need for a perfect celebration. Planning your side dishes? Determined to get a juicy turkey? Let us help.


Send all your Thanksgiving cooking and entertaining questions to, or leave them in the comments below. Our pros will be standing by to share advice and discuss all things Thanksgiving.

5 comments about “Ask Us Your Thanksgiving Questions!

  1. Lynn

    What would you recommend as a Thanksgiving menu for two? We don’t need a large spread of food, but still want it to be a special meal.

  2. Eva Kinder

    I use your turkey base every year i have an extra from last year, its says best if used by july 2010, can i still use it, never been opened.

  3. Fred

    What do you need to change in a recipe for a full turkey instead of a half? Grilling the turkey.

  4. Pamala

    What would happen to the all clad cast aluminum insert in the all clad cooker if you used it on an induction stove?


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