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Erin Chase loves a challenge. And her ultimate challenge: feeding herself, her husband and her three little boys — all under the age of six — without breaking the bank.


It’s her commitment to wallet-friendly eating that earns Chase a spot among our favorite food-blogging moms, featured in honor of Mother’s Day.

When Chase started collecting coupons back in 2008, the home cook noticed her savings immediately. Weeks of bragging to her husband, “This meal was only $3.85!” led to her brainwave blog, $5 Dinners. Two cookbooks later, Chase is officially known as the $5 Dinner Mom.


$5 Dinners fulfills every budgeting mom’s fantasies. The recipe list features dishes like Baked Rosemary Garlic Chicken and Shredded Beef Sandwiches with Red Cabbage and Apple Slaw that the whole family will relish. As a bonus, Chase includes in all of her ingredient lists exactly how much each item costs, so you know she’s not breaking the $5-and-under rule.


Chase’s How-To page offers advice on cooking, chopping, meal planning and couponing, and her Coupon page lets you print out deals to start saving. Because $5 should last longer than your 8 a.m. Starbucks run, right?


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