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In celebration of Mother’s Day this Sunday, we’re showcasing some of our favorite food-blogging moms.


Today’s featured blog is all about the photos. Cannelle et Vanille is written by Basque native Aran Goyoaga, now a U.S. resident. She’s an amazing photographer, as well as a food stylist, recipe developer and mother to a boy and girl.


Recipes like Spring English Pea, Potato and Rice Soup feature fresh and comforting seasonal ingredients, but sweets are Goyoaga’s specialty. From cookies and cakes to crumbles and custards, her recipe index includes stunning, mouthwatering dishes, always styled to perfection. Because of an autoimmune condition, Aran has been living gluten-free since April 2010, making her website one of the top destinations for people with dietary restrictions.


Aran’s stories are just as compelling as her recipes. Childhood food memories flood the pages of her blog; the title Cannelle et Vanille was inspired by the “smells and tastes” she grew up around.


And then there are the little ones. Photos of Aran’s children, Jon and Miren, hunting Easter eggs and building sandcastles will touch any heart. Her passion is the true inspiration behind her cooking, as she savors each precious moment with her family, always remembering to catch her breath and take it all in.


All images © Aran Goyoaga.

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