Best of the Web: Foodie Road Trip, Season 2 of Perennial Plate

Best of the Web


This post comes courtesy of Williams-Sonoma associate Tre Witkowski.


Road trips should always involve great food!


And there is no better way to experience the changing flavors of American cuisine then to drive a giant loop through the country.  Daniel Klein and Mirra Fine are hitting the road  “hunting, farming, fishing and foraging” across America to “share the inspiring stories about alternatives to mainstream food with as many people as possible.”

Last year they brought us the first season of Perennial Plate, a web series featuring socially responsible and adventurous eating in Minnesota.  This year, season 2 will follow them across the United States in 52 weekly episodes.


To fund their trip they are raising money on Kickstarter. Their goal is $20,000, I’ve pledged $30!  So far they’ve raised $17,535, with 17 days to go they still need $2,465 to fund their project. Watch an episode from this season, get inspired, and pledge a few dollars to their project!


About the author: Tre started her love affair with food in her parents’ kitchen, taught by her mother the baker and her father the cook. Her passion for food and the culture surrounding it combined with her desire to travel has had her eating Fish ‘n’ Chips on a rainy day in London, fried plantains in the jungles of Nicaragua, curry from street stalls in Cambodia, and black rice pudding for breakfast in Bali. At home in her houseboat, her galley always smells of garlic and rosemary.

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