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Type the word “panini” into the search bar on, and you’ll find almost 50 recipes, a host of products, a couple of videos and tips on making panini. We make miniature panini before dinner and sweet panini after dinner.


We are officially panini-obsessed. And so is today’s featured food-blogging mom.

Kathy Strahs received a panini press for Christmas in 2007 and hasn’t looked back. Her blog Panini Happy is devoted to her 100 original panini recipes and even includes a comprehensive Panini 101 page, with tips on buying presses and cooking on the grill.


Strahs, who has two children under the age of three, is practically a genius when it comes to family-friendly cooking. Parents and kids can meet somewhere between a panini with grilled peaches and Humboldt Fog cheese and one made from peanut butter and caramelized bananas.


It sounds simple, but the best ideas usually are. Just ask the busy moms making gourmet panini from last night’s leftovers.


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One comment about “Best of the Web: Panini Happy

  1. ydoofspacealien

    As a space alien kid from Planet DooF (where we don’t have food – just a petroleum-based fueling substance called “Gloop”), I’m very excited to try these recipes!

    My first one will be the peanut butter-and-banana sandwich (because I’m bananas about peanut butter!). I might try the peach one too — but first I have to learn how to make cheese out of fog, which could be kind of tricky. But I’m always up for a food challenge!


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