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Happy Mother’s Day! We’ve been honoring the moms behind our favorite food blogs here all week, and today’s featured blogger is a true home-cooking inspiration.
She’s Alice Currah, creator of Savory Sweet Life. A stay-at-home mom of three kids, Currah is a mother first and a cook second. Her blog includes a host of approachable, impressive recipes like Green Beans with Bacon and Pecans, but being the super-mom she is, Currah strives to make dishes special for the kids. For proof, check out the Converse Sneakers Cake she baked for her nephew’s first birthday.

Yes, Currah’s family kitchen is swoon-worthy. But her candid approach to parenting lends her posts a wonderfully relatable tone that moms will appreciate. On her About Alice page, Currah admits to keeping a “secret stash of chocolate hidden from my children like every good mommy does.”


Currah writes another blog, Everyday Alice, where readers can find her musings about family, marriage, blogging and everything else going on in her world. Her reflections are often poignant, filled with inspirational words for other parents.


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