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The second food-blogging mom we’re featuring this week in honor of Mother’s Day is Deb Perelman of Smitten Kitchen. Perelman’s blog has already received high praise, as her followers are some of the most loyal — and most vocal — out there.


And what’s not to love about Smitten Kitchen? Deb’s impressive but raw food photography begs us to keep scrolling down, but it’s her writing that entices us to read each post from start to finish. No story is ever the same for this mom of one, who’s not shy about discussing her struggles in the kitchen or admitting it’s almost impossible to cook anything with a one-year-old running around. Still, she has devoted a nice chunk of her time to developing recipes for the little ones.

Her wry humor shines through every simple, seasonal recipe and photo. In a recent post about a Crispy Potato Roast, Perelman confessed she couldn’t wait to try the “POTATO CHIPS MASQUERADING AS GROWN-UP SIDE DISH.” (That’s a thought I can relate to.)


I’ll never forget how just two months before she gave birth to her son, Deb rejoiced in having mastered the Best Birthday Cake recipe she’d been working toward. Armed with the perfect, easy cake to bake for birthdays to come, she wrote, “I’m finally ready to be a mom.”

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  1. Carol

    I’ve been reading her website for years and love it! Her recipes are great.

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