Build a Perfect Burger

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Today is National Hamburger Day! Here’s how to stack essential hamburger building blocks to grilled perfection:


  • Buns: You don’t have to bake your own, but it’s not a bad idea. And no matter what kind you’re using, always throw them on the grill for a few seconds to toast the sliced side — see those yummy char marks?
  • Meat: A high-quality burger blend will do the trick, but experiment with adding garlic, onions and spices like cumin and black pepper to take burger flavors to the next level. Oh, and don’t forget to mix in some salt before shaping your burgers, as well as sprinkling a little on the outside before grilling. You’ll be surprised how much more flavor it will have.
  • Cheese: If you like cheese on your burgers, almost any variety will do, but make sure it’s ooey and gooey. Grill your burger patty on one side, flip it, and then add the cheese on top while you cook the opposite side for ultimate melty goodness. If you’re feeling adventurous, stuff the cheese inside the patty with a stuffed burger press.
  • Veggie add-ons: Caramelized onions, avocado and juicy beefsteak tomatoes give burgers a hit of freshness. Try coleslaw, pickles and peppers for a sweet, acidic crunch.
  • More meat: It’s not necessary to add extra meat to your burger, but a couple of slices of bacon contribute crispy texture and a smoky, savory taste.
  • Sauce or spread: It can be ketchup or mustard, salsa or chutney, regular mayonnaise or aioli — regardless, these condiments give your burger a flavor blast.


Now fire up your grill and try one of our favorite burger recipes on National Hamburger Day!

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