Decorating Eggs 101

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Decorating Eggs 101

Dyeing and decorating eggs is one of the most special traditions of Easter. We’re always looking for new, creative ideas for Easter eggs, and we were inspired the colorful designs in our latest catalog, showcasing bright colors, hand-drawn illustrations and fun tattoos. We asked our stylist Alison Attenborough her best DIY decorating tips — read on, and try them out at home!


Decorating Eggs 101

Choose the right vinegar. Distilled white vinegar is best for dyeing the base coat. “We tried to save time on the shoot and use cider vinegar because we had it on hand, but it won’t stay on the egg the same way,” says Alison. “You really need to make sure you have the right kind.”


Use glass bowls for dyes. Some ceramic bowls will stain when filled with dye, but not glass ones. “Nesting bowls are great for dyeing eggs — they’re really easy to wash and clean.”


Let the eggs dry properly. “You really need to stand the eggs up when they have the paint on to let them dry,” says Alison. She closed the egg box and turned it upside down so she could prop the eggs in between the ridges,which worked perfectly. She also recommends drying the eggs in between coats (you may want to do a couple of coats of dye for a more intense hue).


Decorating Eggs 101Try new tools. When it comes to decorating eggs, you have plenty of options in addition to base dyes. Use our chalkboard kit to draw your own designs on top of the colors, such as flowers, stripes and dots (“The kids love those,” Alison notes). Apply tattoos, like our mustaches, to create fun and silly faces. Or, use brushes or felt pens to paint and draw more freely — the possibilities are endless.


Mix it up! “It’s fun to do all different colors of eggs, or you can choose a color palette to stick to,” says Alison. When working with the chalkboard kit, she recommends trying two colors, such as black on one side and pink on the other. Be bold — darker colors are her favorites!


Create a contest. “We used to have a competition where you would put a bunch of different decorations on a table covered in newspaper, and people did whatever they felt like,” Alison says. “At the end, we stood the eggs up on a windowsill and silently voted on each one.” You can number the eggs and ask everyone to write their top pick on a piece of paper, then collect the papers, and tally up the scores. The winner takes home a big bag of Easter candy! (Alison’s tip: “The simplest ideas are always the strongest.”)


Make it an occasion. We love the idea of making Easter egg dyeing part of a brunch party. Cover a table with paper and let kids decorate the eggs while adults chat over coffee, and serve an assortment of baked goods for everyone to enjoy. “Host your brunch the weekend before Easter, then save them for a hunt on Easter day,” says Alison.


Decorating Eggs 101

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