Earth Week Tip: Compost at Home

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Most of what you throw in the garbage ends up in one of two places: landfills, where it takes ages to break down, or incinerators, which can cause air pollution. However, there is an easy way to help eliminate up to 24% of what you throw away each year: composting.


The most effective option for managing organic wastes, composting converts natural resources into a soil-like material containing all of the major nutrients plants need to grow.


One family can make a difference. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, home composting can divert about 700 pounds of waste per household back into the soil every year.


Gardeners, take note: Unlike store-bought fertilizer, composting costs next to nothing, and it’s easier to do than ever. The NatureMill Automatic Composter Pro XE is a compact machine that can produce up to 35 pounds of compost a month, while using only as much power as your standard night-light. Made from recycled and recyclable materials, this machine accepts most food scraps.


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