Earth Week Tip: Cook Greener

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We love how nonstick cookware makes it easy to cook foods like salmon, chicken and meatballs — not to mention how easy it is to clean. In the past couple of years, companies have been looking for greener ways of creating nonstick coatings on quality cookware so consumers will have more options than ever.


Cuisinart’s Green Gourmet is a line of nonstick cookware that is all ceramic-based,  using a new environmentally friendly technology called Ceramica. It uses much less energy during the production process and is a more sustainable product overall. Even the stainless-steel handles are made from recycled material.


Besides being eco-friendly, the Green Gourmet Electric Skillet offers a sizable 14-inch surface to accommodate all the meatballs or pancakes your family can eat.


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2 comments about “Earth Week Tip: Cook Greener

  1. tommy

    Very nice cooking piece. The size is right for left overs. I will have to look into one for my kitchen.

  2. Bodinki

    This is a very nice skillet. To cook with left overs is a convenient way to cook. It make time and money worth it.


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