Earth Week Tip: Filter Tap Water

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We explained earlier this week why plastic bottles are unnecessary, expensive and bad for the environment. According to Food & Water Watch, we pay up to 1,000 times more for bottled water than it costs to produce it, and the empty bottles typically end up in the trash.


The downsides of bottled water go beyond waste. Studies have tested popular bottled water brands and found traces of harmful chemicals like painkillers and arsenic.

Tap water, on the other hand, requires rigorous testing by environmental agencies. In fact, more than 90 percent of water systems meet all the regulations enforced by the Environmental Protection Agency.


While tap water is the better option, it can contain substances that affect its taste. Nix bottled water in favor of tap for a safer bet, and try the MAVEA Water Filtration Pitcher for optimal flavor.


Bonus: used Mavea filters are recyclable. Just mail the filters back to the company, and they’ll pay the postage.

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