Happy Labor Day!

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Celebrate the transition from summer to fall — and a three-day weekend! — with a casual menu driven by the season. Savor the last of those sweet, bright tomatoes, vibrant herbs and peaches while you still can, and fire up the grill for a last hurrah with some of our favorite late-summer dishes.


Deviled Eggs
No backyard cookout is complete without a homey appetizer. Use homemade mayonnaise in the filling, and your deviled eggs will be legendary among family and friends.
Tomato-Mozzarella Salad with Pesto
This salad was made for summer: the amazing variety of heirloom and cherry tomatoes available makes it a kaleidoscope of color. Serve it family-style on a big platter to pass around the table.
Grilled Steak with Charmoula
Charmoula is a traditional North African sauce with a full palette of herbs and spices, from the green of cilantro to the red of paprika and cayenne to the gold of turmeric. The bright paste adds a punch to simple grilled steak. Of course, you can’t go wrong grilling burgers, either.
Grilled Squash and Orzo Salad with Pine Nuts and Mint
Use summer squashes such as zucchini, pattypan and crookneck in this recipe, which makes an easy alternative to the usual pasta salad.
Peach Cobbler
Now is the time to gather piles of peaches at your neighborhood market. Use them to make this cobbler, then preserve the rest — you’ll be happy you saved a bite of summer.

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