How Does Your Garden Grow?

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This post comes to us courtesy of Brent Ridge and Josh Kilmer-Purcell, also known as the Beekman Boys


Gardeners new and experienced are participating in the World’s Largest “Community” Garden, a project dreamed up by Beekman 1802 and Williams-Sonoma, because we know the best meals start with the best ingredients. Just check out the radishes above—they’re always a successful first crop. We serve them as crudités with fresh butter and a sprinkle of sea salt.


Now that the seeds have sprouted and the seedlings are in the ground (and some harvests are taking place!) at Beekman Farm, we’ll be posting photos every couple of weeks of a few of the 10 heirloom vegetables everyone in the “Community” Garden is growing. Beekman Farm is in Growing Zone 5. We also want to see how gardens are doing across the country and hope you’ll share pictures as well.




We had an incredibly wet, cool start of spring at the farm, so the carrots are a little late coming in. You might say they are “babies” at the moment, but don’t be fooled by clever marketing. The “baby carrots” you find at the grocery store are really just full-size carrots that have been sculpted into smaller pieces.












When the spinach arrives in the spring, we sometimes have the first course of dinner right in the garden. Pick-your-own salad! Guest are given a pair of garden scissors, and the tender leaves are eaten as is. Who needs a heavy dressing when you can taste sunshine?





It will be a while before we start harvesting cukes and making pickles, but the end of spring has been especially warm this year, so we are expecting a great crop.






Now it’s your turn! If you bought our Heirloom Garden Package, we’d love it if you would show us the progress your vegetables have made. Email and we’ll post your photos on The Blender. If you have questions about something you are growing, ask the experts for your growing zone in the garden forum.


About the authors: Beekman 1802 paired with Williams-Sonoma to create The World’s Largest Community Garden. We look forward to growing with you. Follow along at

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