How to Make the Perfect Margarita – Part 2

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We’re back with another margarita-making demonstration in honor of Cinco de Mayo. In our first post, tequila ambassador Julio Bermejo showed his method of using traditional Blanco tequila to mix a signature Tommy’s Margarita, which made his San Francisco restaurant famous. This time he’ll be working with a different style of tequila for a more complex flavor.


As Bermejo explained to me, tequilas are like wine: Their flavors differ depending on how long they’ve aged in oak barrels. Blanco tequilas generally aren’t aged at all, while Reposado tequilas — like the one he uses here — can be aged from two months up to a year. The oak lends a darker color and notes of vanilla to the spirit.


The resulting Reposado margarita is fuller-bodied than the first light, bright cocktail Bermejo mixed, but the recipe is exactly the same. Happy sipping!


Tommy’s Margarita


2 oz. high-quality tequila

1 cup ice

1 oz. equal parts water and agave nectar

1 oz. fresh lime juice


Pour the tequila into a shaker and add the ice. Add the agave nectar mixture and lime juice and shake. Serve immediately. Serves 1.


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