How to Make the Perfect Margarita – Part 3

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Our next Cinco de Mayo margarita takes a sophisticated turn. After mixing the first two versions with Blanco and Reposado styles of tequila, expert Julio Bermejo of Tommy’s Mexican restaurant pulled out all the stops for his third cocktail.

It all started with the glass. When I saw Bermejo reach for a sleek martini glass instead of the casual rocks glass he had used for serving the first margaritas, I knew I’d be tasting something special.


And I was right. Bermejo mixed his third creation with Anejo tequila, which is aged, like the Reposado style, in oak barrels. However, while Reposado tequila ages for two months to a year, Anejo ages for a minimum of one year, lending an even more complex and richer flavor. Anejo varieties are generally pricier than Blanco and Reposado tequilas; hence, the fancier presentation. Again, the classic Tommy’s Margarita proportions will produce an outstanding result — only this time, chill the glass and serve the cocktail straight up.


In case you missed them, check out our first two margarita-making demonstrations here:


Tommy’s Margarita


2 oz. high-quality tequila

1 cup ice

1 oz. equal parts water and agave nectar

1 oz. fresh lime juice


Chill a cocktail (a.k.a martini) glass with ice water. Add the tequila, ice, agave nectar mixture and lime juice to a shaker and shake well. Strain the margarita into the empty chilled glass and serve immediately. Serves 1.


2 comments about “How to Make the Perfect Margarita – Part 3

  1. Mitzi

    Great demo! I was wondering what tool he used for squeezing limes? It seemed to work better than any other lemon/lime juicer I have seen. Thanks so much, and happy Cinco de Mayo!


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