How to Soften Your Butter in a Jiffy

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This post comes courtesy of Heather Libbey, blogger at DIY du Jour.


Does this happen to you as much as it happens to me? You get yourself all geared up to do some baking, preheating the oven, measuring out your ingredients, and the first thing the recipe says to do is “cream together sugar and butter.” As often as I bake, I still forget to set out my butter at room temperature ahead of time so it would be soft enough to mix into a batter.


Forget about using your electric mixer to smash a hard stick of butter — it’s nearly impossible (I tried!). You don’t want to melt it, because that will yield a completely different and unwanted end product, so, we wait….and wait….it’s like watching paint dry. Who has time for that when there are cookies to be made?


There is a little trick I use when the butter I need for my recipe is still hard as a rock. Simply unwrap the amount of butter you need and use the larger grate of a cheese grater to shred it. It softens immediately.


Happy baking!


About the author: Heather has always had a love for cooking and baking. Now she loves to plan meals for her family. She looks for ways for ways to make comfort dishes a little healthier without sacrificing flavor, but she also believes all things are fine in moderation and has recently started experimenting with making French pastries at home. She shares her tried recipes and other projects on her personal blog, Heather is also a contributing author at

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