In Season: Asparagus

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After we’ve been rotating bitter greens and root vegetables throughout the chilly months, asparagus receive a hero’s welcome when they hit markets this time of year.


On one hand, the crispy spears earn points for their versatility. They’re as delicious thrown on the grill next to a steak as they are topping a white pizza, and just about every method of cooking — roasting, steaming or sauteing — produces a good result.


On the other hand? The old tricks can grow boring, and it’s hard to punch up a staple veggie.


Thus, these Roasted Asparagus and Morels with Shallot Butter are a welcome addition to the usual repertoire. Thin asparagus stalks and fresh morel mushrooms are tossed in shallot-flavored butter, then roasted with a dash of tarragon until brown and crispy.


The mushrooms in this simple side dish make for a nice transition from winter to spring, and the savory compound butter is enough to satisfy any restless asparagus lover.


Check out for all our asparagus recipes.

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