Kids in the Kitchen: Baking Brownies

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Particularly when Mom or Dad is trying to get dinner on the table in a hurry, the kitchen can become an adults-only zone. When I was growing up, a tacit message in my house was: I love you, but get out of the way.


Think outside the box (literally). Making brownies is as easy as melting the butter and chocolate, mixing all the ingredients, pouring in a pan and baking — an ideal beginner lesson on baking. Try our recipe for Brownies, which makes a wonderful base for ice cream sundaes; just buy your favorite flavor from the store and scoop it on top.

Kids will be so proud to show off the brownies they baked all by themselves for summer picnics, sporting events and pool parties coming up, and how will your budding pastry chef learn, if not with a little practice?


Check out the video below to get kids into the mix! Click here for more basic baking techniques youngsters can master.

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