May the 4th Be With You


Star Wars Cookie Cutters

This post comes courtesy of Williams-Sonoma associate Tre Witkowski.

Who loved Star Wars as a kid? Now, be honest: who still loves Star Wars?


Growing up, there was nothing better than Star Wars in my house. They were the only movies we could all agree on. Dad made endless references to Yoda and Obi-Wan Kenobi, and every oddly shaped pancake was Jabba The Hut.

Now I watch the digitally remastered original and endure my young cousins quoting Jar Jar Binks.


I still love Star Wars, so when I first saw the prototypes for Star Wars cookie cutters on our bakeware buyer’s desk, my little geek heart skipped a beat. I knew I’d own the whole line!


Star Wars Pancake Molds

Oddly shaped pancakes are still Jabba The Hut in my house, but now I have Yodas and Darth Vaders™ too.


Grab some Padawan and Jedi Master bakers and savor Star Wars Day!


May the 4th be with you.


About the author: Tre started her love affair with food in her parents’ kitchen, taught by her mother the baker and her father the cook. Her passion for food and the culture surrounding it combined with her desire to travel has had her eating Fish ‘n’ Chips on a rainy day in London, fried plantains in the jungles of Nicaragua, curry from street stalls in Cambodia, and black rice pudding for breakfast in Bali. At home in her houseboat, her galley always smells of garlic and rosemary.

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