Party Planner: Valentine’s Day Dinner for 2

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Party Planner: Valentine's Day Dinner for 2

Skip the crowded restaurants on Valentine’s Day and share a home-cooked meal with your sweetheart. Our menu rivals any fancy restaurant, but it’s totally do-able at home. Pop open a bottle of bubbly, then spend the evening cooking together — it’s a fun (and romantic) way to celebrate.




A sparkling aperitif is a must for Valentine’s Day. We love this rosy raspberry Champagne cocktail, made from fresh raspberries macerated in crème de cassis and bathed in chilled Champagne. Pour one for each of you, toast to a romantic night, and sip while you cook.


For your first course, prepare this roasted beet salad with peppery watercress, creamy goat cheese and crunchy walnuts for a mix of textures and colors. Then, savor a rib-eye steak for two, drizzled with a rich but simple pan sauce. Garlic-thyme smashed potatoes and sauteed spinach are the perfect accompaniments.


Top off a luxurious meal with the official flavor of Valentine’s Day: chocolate! These soft chocolate mini cakes have a deep chocolate flavor that’s not super-sweet; their tops are puffed and dry, while the center is warm, molten and impossibly silky.


Party Planner: Valentine's Day Dinner for 2


Party Planner


The fun of this meal is cooking it together, so there’s no need to work ahead. Still, here’s how you can time it to make the most of the occasion. First things first: mix your cocktails! Then roast the beets, since they will take some time. While they’re cooking, you can set the table and boil the potatoes for the side dish. You can also assemble the rest of the salad and prep the chocolate cakes in the ramekins so they are ready to go in the oven. Finally, sear the steak. As it rests, make the pan sauce, fry the potatoes and saute the garlic. Serve everything onto two plates, and enjoy! Bake the chocolate cakes as you eat the main course.


Party Planner: Valentine's Day Dinner for 2With dinner, drink a Cabernet Sauvignon or Bordeaux wine that will complement a hearty steak. Need a recommendation? We love this Bugay Empress Cabernet Sauvignon from the Williams-Sonoma Wine Shop.


You don’t need a fancy table to create a beautiful setting. Light several small votive candles and arrange them down the center of your table and around the dining room for ambiance.


Surprise your special someone by tucking a personal note somewhere unexpected — in the folds of a napkin or under a wineglass.


Play music that has sentimental meaning for the two of you. Start off the evening with your song, or create a custom playlist to listen to during dinner. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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