Sous Chef Series: Sedesh Boodram’s Trinidad Chicken Stew

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Sous Chef Series: Sedesh Boodram's Trinidad Chicken Stew

When we asked Sedesh Boodram, sous chef at Hot and Hot Fish Club in Birmingham, Alabama, for a favorite family recipe, he consulted his most discerning customer, his five-year-old daughter, Delilah. She selected a Trinidadian chicken stew, a staple recipe of the Caribbean island where Boodram grew up and a dish he remembers his mother cooking for him.


Blame Thomas Keller if Boodram’s version is more refined than the one he grew up eating: Boodram’s first job out of culinary school was at Keller’s Per Se, where he worked before relocating to Birmingham three years ago to be closer to his partner’s family while they raised their daughter. The healthy, one-pot braised-chicken dish on the latest edition of the Sous Chef Series cooks in 35 minutes; Boodram serves it with brown rice for a complete meal that even a kid would love.


Sous Chef Series: Sedesh Boodram's Trinidad Chicken Stew

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