Three Things You’ve Never Done with Cherries

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It’s time cherries were appreciated a little more. I rejoice when berries come into season and their prices are slashed in half, but I tend to overlook the new cherries. It must be because beyond your basic pie or cobbler, I usually can’t think of anything fun to do with them.


Here are three fresh ideas I’m eager to try — and give cherries the spotlight they deserve. Don’t let those pits deter you, either; removing them is easy with our time-saving Cherry Pitter.

Chilled Sour Cherry Soup with TarragonBlend them into a soup 

Cherry soup? Why not! Our Chilled Sour Cherry Soup with Tarragon caught my eye because of the rich lipstick-style hue, and red wine and heavy cream make for surprising additions. This unexpected dish could replace a traditional gazpacho to kick off an elegant spring dinner.

Cherry Pocket PiesPut them in a pocket 

Individual desserts are all the craze in restaurants now, and I love the look of these sweet Cherry Pocket Pies. Williams-Sonoma’s Pocket Pie Molds create cute shapes, which are easy to eat on the run.

HowSip them in the sun
The days are warming up and slowing down. Do I really need another excuse to sip a Cherry Sparkler? Fresh cherry juice beats maraschinos any day, and sparkling water lends a delightful little fizz to this drink.

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  1. Eliana

    I would have never thought of any of these as ways of enjoying cherries. Everyone looks better than the next. I’m going to have to get myself a cherry pitter for sure this year as I’m going to have to make all of these recipes.

  2. Art of the Cocktail: Cherry Brandy

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