Weekend Entertaining: Spooky Halloween Cocktail Party

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Weekend Entertaining: Spooky Halloween Cocktail Party

Set your Halloween table with a spread of eerie decorations and bewitching bites that match the mood of the evening. From creepy-crawly spider deviled eggs to blood orange punch, this spine-tingling fare is guaranteed to delight your guests.




Weekend Entertaining: Spooky Halloween Cocktail PartyAn assortment of frightening finger foods is perfect for a cocktail party. These spider deviled eggs put a spin on the classic, using olive halves and slices to create the shape of creepy-crawlers. Sweet meets salty in one delicious bite with these bacon-wrapped dates, which are always a crowd-pleaser with guests.


For another bacon-based treat, try these maple-glazed bacon strips, which make wonderful snacks for the table. Then, bring in shades of orange and black with a poppy seed-cheddar cheese ball, a fun alternative to a traditional cheese plate. If you like, round it out with more cheeses and some crispy crackers for serving.


And of course, don’t forget the cocktails! Fill a punch bowl with festive blood orange punch – our orange-satsuma cocktail mixer makes it easy.


Weekend Entertaining: Spooky Halloween Cocktail Party


Party Planner


  • 1 to 2 days ahead: Boil and peel the eggs.
  • Day of: Assemble the bacon-wrapped dates. Assemble the deviled eggs and refrigerate. Make the cheese ball and refrigerate.
  • Just before serving: Make the maple-glazed bacon. Cook and finish the dates. Bring the cheese ball to room temperature. Make the punch.


Set your table with decorations that are spooky and festive, but still elegant. Our Halloween medallion plates are inspired by Victoria mourning jewelry, so they lend a touch of glamour to the party. Read the full story of the inspiration behind the collection here.


Weekend Entertaining: Spooky Halloween Cocktail PartyTry new, creative presentations for hors d’oeuvres. This appetizer tray is perfect for chips and dip, but you can also use it for other snacks; the maple-glazed bacon can stand up in the bowl while the deviled eggs are arranged on the tray. Similarly, we love the idea of serving the punch in these skull-themed mugs.


Mix and match your own black and white serveware and dinnerware with patterned and themed pieces. For example, a table runner is the perfect foundation for a Halloween spread and will bring the whole presentation together.


Skip making dessert and offer Halloween sweets instead — it’ll make your guests feel like kids again. Choose a selection of your favorite candies to set out on the table. We like these iced ginger cookies and candies (and they make great party favors, too)!


Extra special touches make a party unforgettable. Old World-style candles in spooky, eye-catching holders play up the theme of the night while still creating a gorgeous atmosphere.

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