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I grew up on quiche, not frittata, because we love any excuse for a flaky, buttery crust in the South. And cheese and bacon, of course.


However, I’ve since grown to love frittatas, which are more nutritious and infinitely easier to cook. I admit, it’s also a relief to bypass the awkward question of whether my quiche crust is homemade or store-bought (don’t ask).

There’s no better time for frittatas than spring, when peas and asparagus are sprouting and the weather begs for an outdoor brunch. We’ve even featured a kid-friendly one, a Mac and Cheese Frittata, in our Mother’s Day Breakfast in Bed menu. And don’t underestimate the power of a frittata for a satisfying, 15-minute dinner.


The following steps explain how to make a layered frittata, which uses our Calphalon Frittata Pan.   It creates stacks of ingredients like vegetables, cheese and eggs throughout the dish and ensures even, thorough cooking.


How to Cook a Layered Frittata - Step 1Start with vegetables 

The vegetables are first sautéed, then the ingredients are layered separately in the deep half of the frittata pan and topped with some of the eggs.

How to Cook a Layered Frittata - Step 2Cook by layers 

The frittata is cooked briefly before the next layer of ingredients and eggs is added. The partially cooked frittata is then flipped into the shallow half of the pan.

HowMove to the oven 

Then the pan is transferred to a hot oven to finish cooking the frittata. The result is a beautifully striated dish that is layered with flavors.

Check out some of our favorite frittata recipes for spring at Williams-Sonoma.com:

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