Why Do You Cook?

Cook, Why We Cook

Cooking means something different for everyone — whether it’s for comfort, family or health; to entertain; or to make memories. We want to hear what really inspires you.


Tell us why you cook and share your stories in the comments below!


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  2. Kiwi

    I cook to explore the freedom that comes with having no rules (whether with ingredients, methods, cuisines), it inspires me to take risks outside the kitchen too.

  3. candy

    We cook because we enjoy healthy, fresh food. Being Italian, good food runs in our blood. My kids have been cooking with me since they were toddlers and love to cook as much as I do. Check us out on youtube at cooking with candy sizzle reel.

  4. Keeley @ My Life on a Plate

    I consider cooking to be an art, so I cook to create something new. I also love to explore new tastes and I get a huge sense of satisfaction when I make a dish that rivals one in a top restaurant (or even tastes better).

  5. Joanna Clayton

    I love to cook and especially love to be inspired by seeing fresh and sometimes unusual ingredients when I shop, travel or just read a delicious sounding recipe.. it compels me to try new techniques, ingredients perhaps incorporating something different into my cooking repertoire. I also love learning regional foods and specialties whether traveling or at home (i.e. local honey, orchard, grass fed meat, amazing pastry.. ) and trying to incorporate them into a healthy menu.
    But above all, what inspires me to cook the most is that it brings family and friends together in enjoyment around the table.

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  7. Meredith

    I cook because one, it’s in my blood. I am Italian and French. I couldn’t escape it if I wanted to. It is my favorite thing to do, besides eating.
    And two, it makes me feel closer to my father who passed away a few years ago. He’s my Italian side and loved to cook – used all his mother’s recipes. His specialties were obviously Italian dishes and he always cooked with a glass of wine and opera blaring in the background. I of course do the same – makes me feel like he’s in the room with me.

  8. Connie

    Why we cook…I cook because I feel that it gives my children such a good family foundation. It gives me a chance to teach them about so much more than just food. They can learn reading skills by following recipes. I get a chance to teach them about math in measuring ingredients. They learn responsibility, organization skills, and they get to have fun. It is an experience that some kids never get to experience so I definitely appreciate being able to expose my kids to the world of cooking.

  9. Cheryl Lindblad

    When I am in the kitchen cooking and baking I often feel as if I am one with the earth and actually the whole of Creation. Everything that we need for our sustenance and our well being is here and I honor that by using the best ingredients available. I also have a sense of deep gratitude for those who farm, harvest and manufacture all these wonderful foods for us.

  10. Julie

    I started cooking when I was 13 because I was the oldest girl of 5 children and my mom went to work. I had to learn fast or take a lot of grief at the dinner table each night. Then my grandmother came to visit and took time to teach me about how to infuse love into the food you were cooking. She taught me how to can vegetables, make sauces, bread and when I had my children how to make my own baby food with a food grinder. It was a great bonding and learning experience as she was a great cook. One of my most precious recent memories is when I pulled out a pan to make popcorn on the stove and my granddaughter was very impressed that I knew how to make “homemade” popcorn I now cook because not only because I enjoy it but also because I still feel connected to her even though she has been gone 28 years.

  11. Dan Callahan

    I’ve been cooking since my Mom had me prepare dinners as a 5th grader. It put me through college and has been a source of satisfaction ever since. I cook for two main reasons:
    – it (like gardening and woodworking) lets me work with my hands… vs. my head, which I do to pay the bills
    – it lets me be creative… once I know the structure of a recipe, I can improvise with techniques and ingredients

    Oh and did I mention I like to eat?


  12. Mary

    For me, cooking is a way to show people I love them. I connect to food through memories of family dinners, the ingredients and people present making the meal a success. I take memories of my childhood and revisit them by recreating and reimagining a dish, and sharing the result with my boyfriend. The old saying that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach is true, and it’s even more meaningful when there’s a story to go with it. Cooking for him makes him part of my family, too.

  13. Elizabeth

    I cook as a stress relief. When I’m in the kitchen I’m allowed to do whatever I want. Mix whatever flavors I feel. There are no rules and restrictions when I cook. And if it doesn’t work out, the only one harmed are my tastebuds.

  14. Zareen

    I cook because it’s a creative outlet for me. I don’t think I’ve ever followed a recipe to a T, because I’m always looking to incorporate a variation that adheres to my family’s taste buds. It’s also my “me time” where I listen to music, think about the day, refine my opinions. Clear-headed days generally create better masterpieces though :O)

  15. Katrina

    I cook to celebrate, to mourn, to think, to dream, to give, to receive, to bless, to pray. I cook because I am alive.

  16. Kelly Scott

    So funny to receive this question in my in box ( Why Do You Cook) as I just started a blog to talk about why I cook. If you would like to post my web address in answer to this question, please do so. I trust William Sonoma for all my cooking small appliances and specialty food items.

  17. Maggie @ Kitchie Coo

    I cook as a creative outlet for myself. I take so much pride in my cooking and love to know that I am nourishing my family’s bodies with good, healthy food that’s been made with my own hands. Its truly a labor of love and gives me good energy in all aspects of my life.

  18. Elaine

    Boy, I could say ditto to all the comments before me. Both my parents loved to cook and shared their love with me. Family gatherings and celebrations is how I like to spend the holidays and special days with family and friends and great food. With the economy the way it is we are finding that potluck dinners are wonderful and shares the cost and time to prepare. Each one of us brings a speciality (new or proven) to share and enjoy. I always look forward to tasting something different.

  19. Diana

    Cooking, for me, is how I show loving care to my family and friends. I cook because I care about what I eat and want to nourish my body with healthful foods. And I cook because it allows me to express my creativity, and most of all, to eat well!

  20. Elizabeth

    Cooking is my way to express creativity. I love trying new recipes and introducing new produce to everyday meals. I enjoy my cooking tools as well and even have items in the kitchen that are not to be touched by others. =)

  21. Erika

    As the youngest of five kids, the kitchen is where I got one on one time with my parents. My brothers and sisters interests kept them outside most of the time- asthma limited my outdoor activities. After my parents passed away, the kitchen is where I found comfort in memories- I taught my nieces and nephew about their grandparents through the dishes I cooked and the memories I shared. Faced with a cancer diagnosis at age 36, I longed for a way to create lasting memories of myself for those same nieces and nephew. Cooking has always been an expression of love, I am comforted knowing that I will be remembered for a big laugh, delicious smells and tasty food, Now six years later, I am happy to be cancer free but remain mindful of creating delicious memories for those I love.

  22. Becky McDonald

    Why do I cook? Like so many of you, cooking connects me with the past and gives me hope for the future. I have an old rolling pin that belonged to my grandmother. When I run my hands over the warm-aged Cherry wood before I make a pie crust, I feel the presence of not only my Mumma but all the generations of women cooks who came before me. When I teach my granddaughter how to make our Finnish braided bread, I tell old stories and make new memories that I hope she will someday share—along with the recipe—with her granddaughter.

  23. Dolly Goolsby

    I enjoy cooking, for so many reasons. I learned, early on, that food can bring people together more than anything else that I know. To me, finding a recipe, putting all the ingredients together, and see them turn into a lucious meal, or an incredible dessert, is such a feeling of accomplishment. However, the greatest joy to me is to watch my friends and family enjoy these creations, and I know that I have had the best compliment, when everyone’s mouth is too full to say more than “MMMM!”. With main dishes, I know I can be creative, as cooking is an art, a form of self-expression. To a limited degree, I can work with desserts, also, but baking is more of a science, so I am careful how I manipulate those recipes. I also love teaching others how to cook, especially kids. They enjoy it so much, too.

  24. Amanda

    Well first off, I thoroughly enjoy it and it’s a great feeling of success and accomplishment when I make something really good. But more importantly, I love the feeling of nurturing someone. I don’t have kids yet, but it makes me feel so good to cook a good meal for my husband and I and feel like I’m contributing to his health and well being by making tasty and nutritious meals. Don’t get me wrong, we cook together, too and I’m all about sharing roles in the house,(and trying not to sound incredibly stereotypical here), but there’s a special feeling I get when he gets home late from work and I have a great meal prepared for him and he appreciates it beyond anything. I can’t wait to nourish and nurture my children some day.

  25. Monica

    I cook because I enjoy cooking and trying new things. I grew up always asking for the recipe of any meal I ate becuase I wanted to try it at home. At restaurants, when I like something I’m always trying to figure out what are the ingredient so I can replicate it at home. I also have a two childrend and a husband that like good food and I feel as a busy mom balancing a family and career, I owe my family a good meal. Last but not least, I fine cooking therapeuticI and an art in the kitchen.

  26. Kathy D

    Wow – why I cook? It has been a journey for me, one found late in life. I was always the working Mom, rushing to get “anything” on the table after a long day in the office, paying the bills, living in a hurry – always dreaming that someday, when “time allowed”, I would somehow learn to cook properly. Then I was diagnosed with cancer, and when I realized that I was not going to live long enough to retire, and that “someday” was today – I made the time, and began to learn. It has been my greatest gift to me (although I don’t hear anyone around the family table complaining!) Cooking nurtures my soul, gives me a healthy focus, lets me share something of myself, and is one of the few things that I actually feel somewhat accomplished with, despite my very late, very steep learning curve. I pray that what I have learned will rub off on my daughter, and she, too, will enjoy her time creating wonderful meals on her own after I am gone, and she can fondly remember our culinary adventures together!

  27. Monika Tschorn

    For me cooking is bringing love and warmth to all that gather in my kitchen. Wether it’s family or friends it just feels so special. No matter what I make, gourmet or a simple dish, it feels good to know someone is waiting to enjoy the fruit of my labor. I grew up in Innsbruck Austria, the kitchen was the main room, and my grandmother and grandfather shared the duties, I was raised by them and there was never a time were there wasn’t this great aroma in the air,either from the morning coffee and fresh bakery, or the main meal that was served at noon. I am so grateful to my grandparents for teaching me the importance of sharing the food, the recipes, but, most of all the memories that come to mind whenever I smell that scent of something that reminds me of home, especially; around the holidays. I hope that my family and friends will think of me when they share their recipes and they wonderful food they prepared for everyone who comes into their kitchen. Guten Appetit!

  28. Christine

    The Williams-Sonoma chef told me that he cooks because he likes to eat. I eat because I like to cook. You can always learn and discover something new. It’s creative and scientific at the same time. It’s also a fun way to express love and show off!

  29. Lisa McGowan

    I cook because it challenges my resourcefullness! Putting miscellaneous ingredients together to create a great meal is a most satisfying challenge. I also cook because it allows me to control the nutrition my family receives, as well as encourages my 3 tween daughters to talk and engage in GREAT discussions while assisting me in the kitchen… a great bonding experience! Best of all, I LOVE to eat!

  30. David

    We cook to explore more about life, to test our wits, to warm the kitchen up in winter and fill the atmosphere with aromas we love. We cook because it’s a team effort and my two girls 8 & 3 get a real sense of fulfillment from creating something of their own.

  31. Yvonne CB

    I cook because I enjoy it a lot, the colors, the smells, the processes, the out come; And also I put a part of me on what I am cooking and it’s a way to give yourself to others. I look forward and start enjoying while preparing thinking for who it’s for and how they like it. I look forward to the moment they taste it and I hear an “Mmmm! Wow!
    I enjoy cooking for my husband and kids and let them know that they are more important that any guest. I think it’s sad when you only do an effort when you have invites. But I also love when they ask me to cook for their friends or activities (that means they value and are proud of Mom’s cooking) I LOOOOVE cooking along with any of them (4 siblings from 21 to 28)
    So I enjoy making of any preparation (it could even be a sandwich) a special dish and a delicious moment for a special person. From my kitchen with love to family and friends !!!!

  32. Diane Thompson

    I’ve always enjoyed cooking, for friends and family and even when I was shooed out of the kitchen by my mother, who preferred to cook alone, knew I’d love the process- choosing recipes, gathering the ingredients, chopping, stirring, and, most of all, perfuming the kitchen and house with home cooking. Almost five years ago, I found a son (now 48) I’d relinquished half a lifetime before. He came to visit and was furious when I didn’t cook for him: “how could you not know to feed your own child?” Now I know better and even share recipes with him, though he lives in Honolulu.

  33. Peggy Beal

    I love feeding people! It gives me so much satisfaction to cook a lot of good heartwarming food for my family, so I know they will be strong, well and full.

  34. Yvonne CB

    Dear everybody who has written what cooking means to them. I want to let you know I’ve enjoyed reading all the stories and I identify with some part or feeling of each. We all in some for and at some point feel enjoyment, giving, accomplishment, satisfaction,memories, exploring, risking,learning, challenge, like eating and it is writing in all of them expressed differently but it’s all in there.
    (Don’t forget that there is also the bar/drinks/coctails side of it; That is also fun and part of)
    Keep enjoying and sharing, and may all our dishes make a delicious and special 2012 !!!
    Enjoy and Cheers !!!

  35. Yvonne CB

    Lisa: Hi ! I loved your answer, practical, short and honest ! It made me laugh!
    Enjoy your cooking, and I assure you: You are feeding more than their hunger !!
    Take care

  36. Deanna Whitfield

    Cherry Pie and Julia Child! As a 22 yr old wife and mother of 3 in 1962 living in the SF Bay area and far from home and family, I discovered Julia Child and William-Sonoma. Julia’s cooking show and book gave me confidence and helped with the technique, and William-Sonoma provided the tools. I had always hoped to learn to make a pie as good as my Mom’s who was in Dallas, and finally I could although it took awhile! I recently discovered the recipe Mother sent to me many years ago that had been misplaced, and I’m almost sure mine tastes the same – it was the crust that took me so long to master. But with the help of Cuisineart and William-Sonoma I have! Every Christmas for many years the most prized gift from my husband came wrapped in the Wm-Sonoma’s distinctive wrap. A heavy duty mixmaster one year, an omelet and crepe pan another. Each year something new and different that would inspire making our meals more memorable. Of course when we moved to San Francisco I had access to the many great restaurants of the era. Fleur de Lys or L’Orangerie come to mind as favorites. Learning to make Boeuf Bourguignon from Julia’s cookbook was very satisfying and my Le Creuset pot is still with me! So, thank you Wm-Sonoma for providing me with the quality tools I needed to make my family’s meals so good and me a success in the kitchen!

  37. Kathryn Maria

    I cook/create to duplicate exceptional food I have had in my travels , and to improve upon those simple comfort meals but most of all I cook because I love to eat healthy , fresh homemade dishes and so does my family

  38. Betsy

    I cook because I am a third generation protege of great cooks. Cooking is an art form and is a means to express oneself while creating a venue for people to congregate and enjoy each others company. Also, I can provide healthy alternatives for my friends and family which encourage them to cook more for their friends and families. I do not want this art form to be lost in the busyness of our current society. I am encouraged by reading the previous comments of others who enjoy the art and science of cuisine and that this art form will continue!

  39. Chef Jim

    As a Personal Chef I cook for various clients because they don’t have the time to cook, don’t like to cook or they are on a special diet and don’t want to learn to cook a specific way, or for when they are entertaining and prefer to be a guest at their own parties. Since cooking is my passion and I get paid to follow my passion it allows me to enjoy each day of work albeit challenging to create delicious, healthy food for the nourishment and benefit of others. The other side is it affords me the opportunity to experiment with ingredients and recipes I might otherwise pass by. So the research and recipe development is fun for me as well.

  40. Tbentleymd

    I HAVE to cook. Cooking for others comforts me and connects me to thepast as well as to the present, to tnose who went before me. I love food and the entire process of preparing it. I love the chemistry of ot. We are culturally and emotionally attached to food traditions that we know and i am passionate about those I wish to learn. The basic human instinct for is to nurture and protect and what better way to love than to nourish the bodies and souls of those we love?

  41. Swannneee

    I love to spend time in my kitchen, cooking and baking for friends and family. But my favorite time is baking for my students.
    I teach at a continuation high school, many of whom live in broken, group, or foster homes, some who are homeless, some who are struggling with addictions. Many of my students never get home-cooked meals or freshly-baked desserts. It makes me feel good when I can treat them with home-baked cookies or snacks. But they have to earn their treats. As I am teaching, the students have to watch carefully for mistakes. If I make an error and they catch it, the class gets a point. When they hit 5 points, I bring them goodies. Sometimes I make silly mistakes, or even intentional ones. I know it helps keep them focused on the lessons because when they are learning, they will catch the mistakes, and therefore earn the treats. It is a total win-win situation. I am helping them learn and also making the a gift from my heart. This is why I love to cook and bake.

  42. William Demaree

    I have taken up cooking since shopping at williams sonoma. I LOVE all the kitchen stuff and after a very hectic busy day at the office i enjoy looking at new recipes and cooking. It clears my mind and takes the stress away. It is awesome to cook something and take a picture, post on facebook and watch all the comments come in and invitations come in to come and cook for them./

  43. Mary Kay Anderson

    I cook for my family and friends to show them how much I care about them and want them to have delicious and healthful food. I cook to set an example for my children, and young relatives to show them how easy it is to prepare meals that use organic food. I cook because it is fun and relaxing and makes me feel good about myself. I enjoy the rave reviews for my meals, homemade bread, cookies, and candy.

  44. Antonia

    Why do I cook? Because I absolutley love to! I’ve been cooking since I was 10 years old, now 49, I’ve only gotten better at it. I’m the coworker who normally brings in left overs of my gourmet treats. Now that I work primarily from home, my coworkers miss the days I used to bring in treats. So when the mood & time strikes me & I have to work @ the office, I sometimes surprise them with some concoction that I’ve modified from some recipe, and it usually has a long name, i.e- malted milk, cocounut marble chocolate cake with egg nog, or marscapone cheesecake with firore di sicilia extact (think cremesickle). It is truly my passion, and I have collected about 200 cookbooks. friends wait enthusiastically for what ever I’m bringing to a potluck. I’m prediabetic, and have to watch my desserts, but I live vacariously from the pleasure on peoples faces when they taste something I’ve created, sometimes I don’t even taste the finished product, but through experience Im able to know & smell, that it came out fabulous. I can also tell by tasting the batter alone for a cake. My favorite additions to a dessert recipe are fiore ii sicialia – a vanilla extract with a hint of orange, malted milk powder, almond flour, coconut flour, and esspresso powder. These things really add the wow factor. Also I relace liquid in a cake recipe with either half & half or coffee with half & half, if I want a coffee flavor.

  45. Megan D.

    I cook primarily because it is enjoyable to make good food to share with people I love. Most of my cooking is done because my daughter has food allergies. It is not easy to cook egg-, peanut-, tree nut- and shellfish-ree all the time. She is six, and wants to eat the things her friends eat, she wants to be a picky eater, she wants to try new foods, and those things range from difficult to impossible. I do my best, and I have become a more skilled cook in the process. After all, I have my children eating chicken provencal, broccoli gratin, sushi or a dark chocolate cake with whipped dark chocolate ganache frosting.

  46. Margaret O

    Cooking makes me happy. I prepare things that my family will enjoy – everyone has different tastes. I cook and freeze meals for my home-bound mother, last time I made 76 meals for her. I cook for my son so he will take healthy food to work for lunch there. I cook for my husband who really likes to see the fridge full of options. I cook for friends who come to dinner – this is the most fun, with leftovers for family I make lots of the best new recipes in the current month’s magazines. Finally I cook for me – I love the smells, the textures, the processes, the gadgets and equipment. AND, I love to eat.

  47. Deb

    As a caregiver for my dying husband, my days are stressful, emotional and quite busy. One quickly learns that “control” is ephemeral and much is really out of your hands. Cooking, on the other hand, offers me a respite; it is the one place where I have complete control; and where whipping up an omelet or sauce at 3 a.m. is a ritual and relaxing experience. And besides…I like to eat!

  48. Donna Durgin

    I like to cook because it is another creative outlet for me and like arranging flowers, it is very relaxing and very satisfying. I consider myself a great cook, especially in the pastry department. I have many favorite recipes which I have collected for 40 years+ and I love to read cookbooks!

  49. Patty M

    I have enjoyed cooking & baking since my early teens. I especially liked baking homemade bread, rolls, lasagna and a variety of desserts. Now that I am in my 50’s & have had M.S. for 24 yrs, my passion for baking has not slowed down- only my ability to put together recipes in a timely manner. Despite this, passion & family always win.

  50. Melissa Lujan

    It’s the satisfaction that something you do, that is necessary to life, can also be creative, fulfilling and makes others happy. It’s why actors act – for the applause and the love you get from your audience. When someone says “Yum…i can’t wait” it sounds like “wow…you’re the best”. But also for the sheer fun of putting ingredients together and creating something that looks beautiful, smells fantastic, rekindles memories, creates new ones for the ones you love, and tastes like you want more, That satisfaction can come if you’re cooking just for yourself and dining alone. it”s the challenge, the accomplishment, learning to deal with defeat when things go wrong, it’s building confidence – it’s Life. That’s something you can’t get at a restaurant.

  51. Mary

    Cooking is not just putting food on the table to me. I have learned over time how to shop for ingredients, where to shop and how to improvise when I don’t have time to make a trip to the store. A year ago I started exploring vegetarian recipes to cook for a special friend and found another whole new arena. It gives me great pleasure to research a recipe and see my friends and family enjoy the final product. My friend said I have the greatest inventory of cooking gadgets he has ever seen. Other may pay for a pair of Jimmy Choo, but I’d rather get a gift card to a cookware store!!

  52. Carol

    I say that cooking is my “therapy” – I can spend time in the kitchen and be so relaxed on the most frustrating day. I’ve been cooking since my mom started me making biscuits for breakfast at age 5. She bought a children’s cookbook and told me I could have it when I could read well enough to use it . . that didn’t take long! . . .and I’m still collecting cookbooks! I love to cook for other people. Every year, my church has a fund-raising auction and I donate a meal for 8-10 people. It’s been so much fun to get to know other people better by welcoming them into our home for a meal and have them enjoy the results of all my “fun”! That’s the best cooking – when I can have the fun of cookingand let someone else enjoy the calories!

  53. Hazel R. Feldman

    Cooking for me is the essence of self-expression and creativity. The fun begins in shopping and prepping; and culminates in getting all ingredients together and hearing the musical of sounds and smelling the aromas. I de-stress and simply get lost in the activity and anticipation of putting together a wholesome meal from scratch. Cooking is the one outlet that guarantees the sense of achievement as the the result. I feel successful and proud. Those are feelings that are rare for me!

  54. Tom

    I cook to make sure my family has that all important family time. I tell my teenagers that, “if they take any memory away with them of me, it would be the good food we shared and the time we spent together.” The trappings don’t matter, TV, I-phone, computer…It’s showing your family you love them enough to stop whatever you’re doing and make sure everyone gets together and sits down to a good meal.

  55. Teresa

    I love to cook because I am away from the computer, hectic work day, TV, cell phone and I am focused on cooking and my sweet 7 year old daughter. We love to be in the kitchen together. The best part is when she serves her Papa his dinner – she is so proud of her accomplishments. Also I am from New Orleans – enough said!

  56. Pat O'Neal

    Cooking is “Love” in my family. I come from a long line of great southern cooks. My Dad, Bill Conyers, was from Manning S.C. and he was was a great cook. He loved to cook all of the great seafood and fish dishes that come from the area of the country that he grew up in. He pasted these recipes and techniques on to my sister and I and we use them today. We grew in Chicago and “Soul Food” was our Sunday Dinner. We now live in Denver Colorado and the legacy has moved out West along we some new fabulous dishes introduced by my daughter, Dani and my nephew, Brandon. Cooking is Love in the Conyers Family

  57. Susan Lane

    I cook to explore and enjoy the relationships and experiences that occur from the first creative idea of what to cook to the last event, which is usually the cleaning-up portion of the creative process. The whole experience becomes a creative form of art to me which influences, nourishes, and nutures the minds, bodies, and senses of my family and others around me. Cooking is like a symphony that requires practice and attention to detail , as well as an opportunity to “ad lib” and experience culinary and artistic freedom.
    My mother was a wonderful influence in my life, and as a small child, I sat on the kitchen counter watching her cook and learning the artistic nuances needed to be sensitive to smells,tastes, and colors. Picking fresh produce from the garden and canning it was also an early influence, as well as learning how to use the foods in appealing dishes. My husband loves to eat my creations which encourages me to continue my pursuit exploration in the kitchen. I love cooking a meal, and having the right music on while I’m cooking usually provides an extra element of flair to my dishes!
    My 3 older children have all been sent to college knowing how to cook for themselves, so the love of cooking and eating healthy has been passed down. Saturday morning is the traditional “Pancake Breakfast” at my house, and if we skip this tradition, my younger children let me know about it! They all enjoy helping out in the preparation of the weekend breakfast. It’s a great way to teach younger kids a valuable life skills of nutrition, math, and eating wholesome foods that are not processed. And there’s something about the smell of cookies on most Friday afternoons when my kids come home from school that really enjoy! Cooking can make your memories taste so good!

  58. dreamer

    I cook because it takes me out of myself, it allows me to dream, to travel, to have new experiences. There is a certain freedom in exploring all edibles; of creating art on a plate. And then there is the utter enjoyment of tases.

  59. dreamer

    I cook because it takes me out of myself, it allows me to dream, to travel, to have new experiences. There is a certain freedom in exploring all edibles; of creating art on a plate. And then there is the utter enjoyment of variety in tastes.

  60. Glenda

    I cook for the love of it! For the joy it brings – slicing, dicing, creating. There is nothing better than to pour a glass of my favorite wine, turn up the jazz and create. It takes me to a different place and any worries of that day seem to disappear for that moment. Cooking is music!

  61. Carolyn

    i work in family violence preventon and I cook to release stress. Some people run, some people go to the gym, some people paint, I cook. There is something very creative about cooking that not only relaxes me, but I get immense joy from watching other people enjoy my creations. When my cooking makes other people happy, the positiveness of that balances the negativeness of working with highly traumatized and wounded people.

  62. Irene

    I love to cook because (1) it is so relaxing, and (2) my family loves to eat good food, and there is nothing better than a home cooked meal. Ukrainians love to eat and the best family bonding (aside from road trips) is at the kitchen table.

  63. Carol

    I love to cook. Sometimes it’s therapy. On those days my husband says it’s a cooking marathon. I love to have family and friends in to share a meal. When we gather around the table together for a meal it becomes a sacred time of sharing and enjoying the company.

  64. PIPA


  65. Pattie

    Cooking is in my DNA although I grew up in a household where tuna casserole was king. Six kids didn’t know better and certainly my mom who came here through a missionary priest was doing her best. If I weren’t running a successful PR consultancy today, I would be cooking, personally and professionaly. I cook for the college nephews upon popular request; for family athletes after a winning game; for the 90 year old grandparents where every extra day is a gift; for my staff and clients who ask to be invited for Asian inspired food. To many, Friday nights are spent at the movies or going out. For me, I feel “full” strolling through my Wms Sonoma store for ideas, kitchen support and cookbooks. In the past few years each life threatening health moment makes you reawaken your thinking — from gratitude to the way we eat. So I cook more recently with purpose!

  66. angela@spinachtiger

    I cook because I can’t not cook. It would be like asking an artist why they paint. The plate is my canvas, but, unlike some artists, I don’t do it just for myself (although when I was single I still cooked just for me). I love the process of creating, the sensuality of food, and knowing I’m in control of my own well being and health. I cook with twin boys by my side who’ve been cooking since they are 1 1/2, and at 4 know their way around a kitchen. It’s how we spend time together. Cooking is one of the greatest processes of life and eating is a pleasure. Sharing food bonds people, creates memories. I never take food for granted, and I’m Italian, so good, fresh, whole food is part of my heritage.

  67. Alice

    I cook because the look of wonder-surprise-pleasure on my boys’ faces when they ease a new flavor combination that didn’t come from a processed box mix, like banana cinnamon muffins or stuffed ham and cheese bread, makes being a mother better than I thought it could be. My mother is a wonderful cook and I admire that in her. It’s not hard to admit that I hope my boys remember me the same way as they grow older: the mom who loved them and made real cookies when they needed a lift.

    I cook because my kids need to see me making healthy decisions every time I open the refrigerator to assemble ingredients… they need to grow up knowing when salted butter isn’t necessary and when it makes a dish all it can be. They need to know that the elements of a robust and delicious meal can also be fuel for their bodies.

    I cook because it’s a sure way to get a compliment from my husband. We learned to cook together in our Hotel Administration program during college. If he says something I have made is good, it’s really good.

    And, I cook because of the instant gratification of creation. The smells, the sights and all of the wonderful foods to handle and tease into place are stimulating and bring on a sense of well being.

  68. Claudia

    One word – LOVE. I not only love food and everything about. But I love the feeling of family & home that food can create. Food brings back wonderful memories of growing up. Food is a mjor factor in our house. And what other medium do you kow that can create such emotion through all 5 senses??? FOOD!

  69. Lana G

    I cook to bring friends and interesting people together around the dining table. Delicious, nutricious recipes bring smiles, conversation, and comfort to welcomed guests, and it makes me feel good for delivering. Preparing time-honored dishes as well as experimenting with new techniques and ingredients satisfy the creative spirit, as well.

  70. Tina Dubuque

    My mom was a wonderful cook and role model, especially in the kitchen. She always made things from “scratch.” I didn’t consider buying a cake mix until I was married for years. My Italian father’s relatives taught her to make family favorites, and I believe she prepared them better than they did at times. We have wonderful memories of holidays and celebrations revolving around food — as well as basic family meals — and I hoped to create that with my own family.

  71. Mona Bolger

    When I was a child, my Grandma was one of the best cooks in my life. The fabulous smells coming from her kitchen where I would watch her prepare my favorite meals are memories I’ll have for the rest of my life. Talk about aromatherapy! So cooking to me represents a bounty for all the 5 senses: smelling (of course), hearing (the sounds of foods bubbling and searing), seeing (we eat with our eyes first), touching (the warmth of freshly baked bread in our hands), and tasting (the variety of flavors on the palate).

  72. Monsy Martinez

    I cook for my family and friends because I learned the trade from my mother. Every day my Mom , who passed away twelve years ago, will have homemade food on the table for 9 children, her husband and the neighbors as well. Growing up in Puerto Rico, we learned to share the little that we had and one thing that my parents always shared was a plate of food with those who had less than us( believe me we had very little). Now I’ve living in NY for 24 years and my passion for fine dinning and food increased as the years go specially when your children and husband are my biggest fan. Nothing gives me more pleasure and happiness than having a house full of people on Sunday savoring whatever dishes i made and enjoying a good conversation. I do this in memory of my wonderful mother who taught me the basics of coking and the gift of sharing. Come by there is always and extra plate in my kitchen for you.

  73. Maureen

    I cook because I was brought up with home cooked meals even though my Mother worked. I learned the love of cooking from her and my Aunt. All my childhood memories of the holidays involve family get togethers with home cooked meals. I raised my children the same way. They often call me with questions about this recipe or that. Even though today I only cook for myself, it still brings back many memories!!

  74. Veronica Ann Donahue

    I cook to establish a sense of family with my newly acquired “step-daughters”. At age 10 and 12, it is a wonderful way for us to bond. Making great food and memories that will last a lifetime with every meal. Dinner and special occassions are important events in our home, with everyone pitching in. What a wonderful way to establish who we are as a family unit, blending their tranditions with my traditions, making them OUR traditions. 🙂

  75. Maxinee

    Cooking calms me. I’m flooded with memories of countless hours spent cooking with my grandmother. I still know some of her recipes by heart and am grateful for the many lessons I learned in her kitchen. And the memories inspire me to get creative in the kitchen. I believe much of it is about technique. If you can learn basic cooking techniques, then you can do anything.

  76. Kerry ruiz

    I cook because I am always curious about the end result. I do cooking for friends and family of recipes I havent done before so it can be challenging but I love it!!

  77. Kelly

    I cook to share abundance and love with my son with special needs. He spent 36 days in the hospital, then a year away from home in a residential facility eating what looked like . . . . . well, who knew what that plate of slop was. He is back home with me now and watching him truly savor each bite and appreciate flavor and texture are wonderful to experience with him. A simple and savory meal prepared with love is about as good as it gets sometimes.

  78. Marilyn

    I was in a rut for a long time when my children were growing up, darting off to all of our activities (soccer, karate, scouts, etc.) at dinner time, making spaghetti and burrito’s or more like ordering pizza and other fast food on the run. My mother and grown daughter (and her boyfriend) have inspired me to embrace cooking at a slower pace and treat it like a hobby and craft instead of a chore. My daughter and I joined the cook book club a few years ago and I “read” the cookbooks, actually enjoy grocery shopping, and even am starting to like the prep chores such as chopping and slicing. I have recently joined CSA and cook and we eat much healthier with fresh vegatables.

  79. Tracy Johnson

    I cook to save money and try to constantly improve my method of cooking to try to ensure that the food tastes good and is healthy to eat. I enjoy cooking good food.

  80. lee huddy

    Why do I cook? I’ve never given it a second thought. I’ve been cooking and baking since I was 8. That’s 52 wonderful years of learning and creating. See, my Dad was a chef. He passed when I was 12. I was the oldest of 4. I had no choice but help in the kitchen. My siblings were the best critics of my “culinary” abilities. They were great “test” subjects for my new creations. I also excelled in home ec when I was in Jr. High. I simply love being in the kitchen. I now volunteer teaching a 2 hour after school cooking/baking class for a local public charter school here in Las Vegas. My students range from second to sixth grade. These 2 hours are the highlight of my work week. Cooking + baking = caring & sharing.

  81. Joni

    Why I cook? It is a creative outlet, a challenge to make something as simple as a fresh tomato and a few herbs into a gourmet-worthy meal. I cook to pass down to my children the heritage of recipes handed down for generations. While we eat the meal that Grandma used to fix, we talk of her courage and ability to raise 6 children on a railroad pension of $60 per month. It is a worthwhile legacy to leave them.

  82. Sue

    I love to eat and to eat nutritious food. I can’t afford to eat out often. Ergo, I cook.

  83. Lorn Douglas

    I was raised by an immigrant Polish mother who spent the first 8 years of her life literally starving; she told stories of the mom, brother, and herself sharing one boiled potato for dinner. Her brother was quite ill so he needed most of it. When she recalled starving her whole facial expression changed. As an adult, her joy was to feed people. This was the woman I bonded with.
    Moving to rural Hawaii as a young single father and being used to fine dining and bakeries in L.A., I couldn’t find a decent bread in the whole state yet alone nourishing food for my children. I began to bake, cook, and garden. The kids are gone but and I find I am happiest feeding other people.
    Mom lived by cliche, one of her favorite expressions was ‘the apple doesn;t fall far from the tree”. Thanks Rose.

  84. Carol

    I have always enjoyed fresh produce and good quality meats and fish selections. Now I have had celiac for six years and have really been able to put my experience to work just to eat every day with a delicious gluten free diet and delicious is the key word. Testing recipes has become my forte along with what I already have in my menu selection. After all, raising 4 kids in an array of activites and having scrumptious meals on the table was the foundation for my kitchen. A lot of good memories for our adult kids and we love cooking together, now when everyone is home.

  85. Colette

    We need nutrition to survive. I enjoy cooking, it is relaxing: chopping, dicing, stirring, cooking, baking and finally eating. I truly enjoy the experience except when I am rushed.

  86. Katie Brazier

    I cook because it’s so much fun and theraputic. It’s like taking a trip to exotic places without having to leave your kitchen. Cooking is a combination of theater and science:creating your art and using science to make your creation. And having to taste your creation: priceless.

  87. Margie

    I love to cook because it gives me the opportunity to create with a blank page. I love to start a meal with planning around fresh and local produce or meat and turn it into something special.

  88. DessertForTwo

    I cook for those I love because it’s the best way to express my love. I want my loved ones to eat delicious food, but I also feed them healthy food because I want them to feel their best.

  89. Chef Danielle @ Cooking Clarified

    I cook for the instant gratification of feeding family and friends and because it gives me some sense of control in a world where so much is out of control. No matter what, if I combine ingredients in a certain way I’ll end up with something wonderful.

  90. Sara Botero

    I cook because I love to serve others, I enjoy making delicious new creations to make other people’s belly smile

  91. Jamie

    I cook because there is something very satifying and connecting to the process, then there is the feeling you get when you see people you love gather around the table and take pleasure in your work.

  92. Judith Caputi

    I have always been interested in cooking, even when I was a little girl. When I married an Italian and went to live in Florence, Italy, I was really inspired. Since then, 46 years have gone by and I still love to cook. I think the most important thing for me is that I pick the ingredients and sometimes go way out of the way to find the best ones. My favorite way to spend an evening is around the table eating a good homemade meal, having a glass of wine and just talking and being together. My Italian friends think I’m a wonderful cook. All I can say is that it’s a real complement and an encouragement to do even better. The idea that Italians in Italy really enjoy the cooking of an American is a great satisfaction for me.

  93. Artstuff

    We cook because a meal brings our family and friends together for comfort, conversation and camaraderie. Meal time is a time to relax and catch up with everyone on what happening with them.

  94. Why We Cook: Our Stories & Yours

  95. Dman

    Cooking is a wonderful mix of following directions, experimenting with new recipes and tastes. My mother was not a fancy cook, but we ALWAYS had great food. I feel like cooking is an extension of my personality and love for my family. It falls in the category of providing for the care of the whole being. Eating together each night is the best way to catch up on each others lives, and good food only makes that better. Thanks for asking 🙂

  96. Cindy

    It relaxes me…..inspires me….gives me a sense of accomplishment….gives my family joy….allows me to share to others…did I say relaxes me????

  97. Patti

    I cook…..for my family!!! My family’s health and happiness are first and foremost to me…by cooking for them I know what they’re putting into their bodies and meal times are important to share together…kids grow up so fast so we need to slow down, eat a good meal together and spend quality time togehter!!!

  98. Jean

    Cooking brings together all the pleasures one can get from all the senses.

    Visually, food at it’s peak of freshness and quality looks good when selecting at the market (or picking in the garden), and is a pleasure to transform into a work of art in the meal (or simply showing off the natural beauty and delectibility of the item).

    The pure aromas derived from cooking and preparation in the kitchen is a constant source of enjoyment. My home almost always smells of some delicacy, like bread baking in the oven, or a stock simmering on the stove, a wonderful roast smoking in the smoker, or some seasonal item I have been waiting for to arrive in the market.

    Creativity, often just simple, but artful preparations show off an item best, but, delving into many of the cuisines of the world, and, working the magic of fusing ingredients from different parts of the world opens a vast opportunity for new and amazing tastes and visual delites. Food preparation, at it’s best is truly an art, and an opportunity to fully participate.

    Taste, of course has to be the big reward of all the effort and time spent preparing a wonderful meal (or dish). Sharing the fruits of one’s labor with friends and family, joined with great conversation (and a good bottle of wine, of course).

    Though not inexpensive, cooking a great meal can certainly be tailored to most people’s budgets. Often, financial constraints will spur some wonderful creativity. Ingredient substitutions often inspire wonderful new dishes and surprises. I always use the freshest and best quality ingredients I can get, because of the pleasure derived from all the senses.

  99. 19linao » Blog Archive » Inquiring and Analyzing

  100. Mhayne

    I like and loved cooking because it gives me pleasure especially when I feel sad neither happy. It really comfort my empty feelings or emotions.
    yeah, cooking is requires a process of making , we have ingredients for each recipes we do , a manner in which preparing them, a way to put them together. It really makes me happy when i create something new and I can explore everything about cooking and above it make my friends and family healthy.

  101. Mhayne Saludes


    ♥ I like and loved cooking because it gives me pleasure especially when I feel sad neither happy. It really comfort my empty feelings or emotions.
    yeah, cooking is requires a process of making , we have ingredients for each recipes we do , a manner in which preparing them, a way to put them together. It really makes me happy when i create something new and I can explore everything about cooking and above all it make my friends and family healthy.

  102. Mazin

    the hobby that I Iike to share it that is cooking. I love cooking so much. I started cooking when I was 15, because I was reading through pages of some books foods and when I see those dishes, I was desire to eat. So from that day to this day I spare some of my times in cooking. I love cook homemade meals because they are healthy, less fatting and nutritious to eat. My favorite thing that like cook are, noodles, pasta, swittes, and all type of traditional foods. The cooking to me is also enjoyable thing to do as well as it being a special hobby.

  103. Alexandra

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  104. harry

    Cooking feels like that first kiss you get from that crush you have been looking for your whole high school life, and it is the best moment until you turn 18.

      1. bailey

        fine but its not my fault if you fall in the boiling pot of water….


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