30 Days, 30 Ways: Make Salad a Meal

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Recipe Roundup: Main-Course Salads

All throughout January we’re bringing you 30 Days, 30 Ways to Good Health, a series of easy strategies for overall wellness (and because we love food, it’s focuses on the foods and cooking techniques to add into your life instead of what to take away.) Read on for our latest eat well strategy: make salad a meal.


There’s no need to relegate salads to the sidelines. With a few hearty add-ins like nuts, cheese, chicken or beef, you can turn a light vegetable salad into a hearty meal, like the Classic Salad Nicoise. Here are some of our favorites — a quick weeknight dinner is just a few steps away.


Chicken Tostada SaladChicken Tostada Salad
This is a refreshed version of the ubiquitous taco salad, with lean chicken and chopped vegetables piled high on a crispy tortilla.
Grilled Lamb SaladGrilled Lamb Salad
This gyro-inspired salad features lamb and greens alongside lightly grilled pita triangles.
Tangy Summer Vegetable Salad with BulgurTangy Summer Vegetable Salad with Bulgur
Here, bell peppers, eggplant and zucchini are grilled and tossed with a vibrant mustard vinaigrette, then topped with blue cheese, walnuts and chickpeas for extra flavor and texture.
Noodle Salad with Pork and Asian Lime VinaigretteNoodle Salad with Pork and Asian Lime Vinaigrette
Chinese egg noodles are a versatile ingredient for soaking up flavor and making a salad into a heartier main-course dish — you can also substitute regular vermicelli pasta.
Grilled Chicken Caesar SaladGrilled Chicken Caesar Salad
Adding grilled chicken turns a classic Caesar into a hearty main course; it’s a great use for any leftover chicken, too.
Panzanella Salad with Tomatoes, Chickpeas and TunaPanzanella Salad with Tomatoes, Chickpeas and Tuna
This modern take on a bread salad combines chewy cubes of whole-wheat sourdough with a tasty mixture of marinated tomatoes, tuna and chickpeas.
Grilled Flank Steak Salad with TomatoesGrilled Flank Steak Salad with Tomatoes
Flank steak is a great choice for salads — slice it thinly so you can toss it easily with other ingredients.
The CobbThe Cobb
Heaped with blue cheese, bacon, chicken and avocado, this restaurant menu staple is a hearty meal that guarantees you won’t be hungry until suppertime.
Shrimp Salad with Potatoes and Green BeansShrimp Salad with Potatoes and Green Beans
Fresh dill, green onions, lemon, mustard and fruity extra-virgin olive oil are the vivid seasonings of this summery salad.
Chopped Salad with Lemon-Chipotle DressingChopped Salad with Lemon-Chipotle Dressing
Bold chipotle chilies perk up the lemon-basil dressing that flavors this salad. Serve it with crusty bread and finish with cooling slices of fresh melon.


See more main-course salads here.

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  1. Tiffany @ Zip Salad

    We’re always looking for great salad ideas. Thank you for the wonderful recipes. Healthy salads can have such a variety and flavor and promote healthy living. They make great meals and such an easy way to stay healthy today. Love the ideas here and kudos to those who get to try each of these items. I know we’ll be sharing our favorite.

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