5 Things You Missed at BottleRock This Year

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With three days of food, fun, and non-stop entertainment at BottleRock this past Memorial Day weekend, we wanted to bring you the top-5 highlights. From Snoop Dogg winning a Guinness Book of World Records and Giada DeLaurentiis hosting a pasta-making party with pop musician Halsey, to Trisha Yearwood getting basketball tips from the Harlem Globetrotters and pro-snowboarder whipping up cotton candy snowballs with Cake Master Duff Goldman, this year’s BottleRock Festival gave those who didn’t get a chance to attend enough FOMO to last for weeks.


But not to worry: If you weren’t able to make it to BottleRock this year, here’s a visual recap of the festival’s best events:

1. Snoop Dogg Makes the Biggest Cup of Gin & Juice, Ever.

BottleRock wouldn’t be complete without a dramatic display or some award being won. This year, Snoop Dogg made the biggest cup of Gin & Juice ever, even capturing the title of a Guinness Book of World Records award.


2. Trisha Yearwood Learns How to Spin a Basketball (with a Little Help from the Harlem Globetrotters).

The Harlem Globetrotters joined country music star and Food Network host Trisha Yearwood on the Williams Sonoma Culinary Stage this year to teach her how to spin a basketball. Truth be told, she made it look way too easy. Trisha also celebrated the record-selling Summer in a Cup.


3. Shaun White Makes Cotton Candy Snowballs with Cake Master Duff Goldman.

As if winter wasn’t long enough in some parts of the country, Shaun White wowed the crowd by making cotton candy snowballs and tossing them into the audience. And, because we couldn’t be there this past winter, Williams Sonoma presented the pro-snowboarder with a medal ceremony. Because it’s never too late to celebrate, are we right?


4. Giada DeLaurentiis and Pop Musician Halsey Host a Pasta-Making Party.

Giada and pop musician Halsey teamed up to make an Aperol spritz and homemade penne with corn and spicy sausage dish, paying tribute to their Italian roots. Only complaint: We wish they had made enough for everyone to enjoy.  


5.The Williams Sonoma Social Media Team Ate ALL the Food.

From fries four ways to fried avocado and hand rolls to braised beef shortrib sliders, just trust us when we say we’re going to eat salads this week.


Be sure to check out our BottleRock Instagram Story for full coverage, and comment below with your personal favorite festival events and eats!

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