5 Tips for the Ultimate Game Day Party

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5 Tips for the Ultimate Game Day Party

When you invite friends over to cheer for their favorite team, the food is half the fun! Here’s how to pull off a great party — without missing the kickoff.


Prepare food in advance. When planning your menu, choose dishes that can be made ahead of time. No wonder chilis and stews are game day staples! Using a slow cooker will keep the dish warm for serving. Dishes that can be served at room temperature are good options, too (think hearty hero sandwiches).


Fix finger foods. When it comes to appetizers and desserts, the less fuss (and fewer forks), the better. For starters, chips and dips are always a winning combination. And for the finish, brownies and bar cookies are easy to serve and eat – just bake them in advance and cut into squares before your guests arrive.


Think potluck. Don’t want to cook everything yourself? Just prepare the main course, then ask guests to bring complementary appetizers, sides and desserts. And match the talent of the cook to the difficulty of the dish; people who don’t like to cook can provide bread or drinks.


Serve buffet style. No one wants to sit around a set dining table on game day! Arrange the food on a buffet (close to the television) so guests can help themselves during breaks and half-time. Set appetizers and other snacks on coffee tables so no one has to take their eyes off the game.


Pour a refreshing drink. Of course, beer is the number one choice on game day. For something different, serve guests pint glasses filled with black and tan, the British pub drink that pairs a layer of stout with pale ale. Have plenty of non-alcoholic beverages on hand, too.

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