5 Ways to Eat More Kale

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Robust in flavor and high in nutrients, kale is a welcome addition to the winter kitchen. This sturdy green is often steamed or sautéed and served as a healthful side dish, but there are plenty of other ways to reap its benefits.


To incorporate more kale into your diet, try one of the following methods and recipes, each of which showcases the hearty leaves in a unique light.


Simmered with soup
Because of its sturdy leaves, kale holds up better in soups than other greens such as spinach. Try this Minestrone with Chicken Meatballs for a hearty, vegetable-heavy spin on traditional chicken soup.
Freshly juiced
Kale juice may sound intimidating, but when paired with sweet apples and carrots the earthy flavors mellow. This Carrot and Kale Juice is both delicious and nutritious.
Paired with pasta
Kale adds a fresh flavor to starchy pasta in this Penne with Ricotta Cheese and Greens. Goat cheese and lemon zest add some brightness to the meal, which comes together in half an hour or less.
Mixed with leftovers
Traditional Irish Colcannon combines a mixture of potatoes, kale, cabbage and leeks in a creamy side dish. The dish is said to bring good luck — perfect for ringing in the new year.
As a twist on a classic
A bed of sauteed kale isn’t the traditional accompaniment to Baked Chicken Parmesan, but it certainly ups the nutritional ante. The greens also add an earthy contrast to rich, cheesy chicken in this recipe.

7 comments about “5 Ways to Eat More Kale

  1. Linda Rice

    I cook mine with steel cut oats, Keilbasa and the kale. Cook the Kale for 1 hour with the oats, then second hour ad the meat. I also add cut up potatoes. It makes a great meal all in 1 pot. Many of my friends have tried this and are now kale lovers!

  2. Whitney-Lehr

    I have recently become obsessed with kale! So excited to try these recipes 🙂

  3. Nicole

    We love our greens! The kale pasta recipe was easy and fast, and my husband and children enjoyed it. In reheating for next day’s lunch, I added some cream, a bit more olive oil and salt and it made a nice side with a fresh pizza.


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