6 Grilling Methods to Master

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6 Grilling Methods to Master

No matter what kind of grill you have, the same basic methods apply — and with a little practice and know-how, they’re simple to master. Here’s an overview of all the ways you get get the best flavor from the foods you grill. Click the links for step-by-step guides to pulling off these essential techniques, then check out our complete Grilling Guide¬†for more tips and recipes for your summer get-togethers.


6 Grilling Methods to MasterDirect-Heat Grilling

Perfect for burgers, steaks and boneless chicken breasts, this grilling method cooks food quickly over intense heat. Our tips will show you how to prepare both gas and charcoal grills for direct-heat grilling.


Indirect-Heat Grilling

If foods need to cook for a little longer, the heat needs to be lower so they don’t char. That’s when to use this method, in which cuts like bone-in chicken and thick pork chops are placed away from the heat source to cook from reflected heat. Keep reading to see how it’s done.



Also known as spit-roasting, this method is great for ensuring large cuts are perfectly, evenly cooked on the grill. Rotisserie attachments can be added to most grills; learn how to use one with these tips.


Adding Flavor


Adding wood chips or chunks to the fire in your grill adds even more smoky flavors and aromas. Here’s how to do it on both gas and charcoal grills.



“Low and slow” is key when it comes to true barbecue, used to cook large cuts of meat to tender, fall-off-the-bone perfection. From seasoning the meat to controlling the heat, we’ll show you how to pull it off at home.


Adding Flavor

Marinating, brining, using dry rubs — these are all ways to add more delicious flavor to the foods you grill. Use these ideas to take your grilling recipes to the next level.

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