6 Unique Recipes for Your Passover Seder

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Looking for some new dishes to enjoy for Passover this year? We tapped Michael Solomonov, chef/owner of the nationally acclaimed Zahav restaurant in Philadelphia, for some fresh ideas, and he used traditional ingredients to develop these creative recipes. From a smoky Matzo ball soup to casserole-style brisket, this is Passover like you’ve never seen it before.


Gefilte Fish
Skip the jarred variety this year and make your own gefilte fish from scratch. To get a head start, prepare the gefilte fish mixture and form into balls a day in advance, then refrigerate overnight.
Hamachi with Beets and Horseradish
Put a new twist on fresh yellowtail with toppings of roasted beets and grated horseradish. This recipe calls for labaneh, a Middle Eastern yogurt cheese, but you can also use plain Greek yogurt instead.
Smoked Matzo Ball Soup
Traditional Matzo ball soup takes on an entirely new character when made with a smoky chicken stock. The recipe yields more stock than you will need for the soup, so refrigerate or freeze the rest for another use.
Homemade Matzo
Superior in taste to the store-bought variety, homemade matzo is quite easy to prepare. Use it for the brisket dish below.
Brisket with Spiced Coffee and Charoset Juice
In a delicious twist on the classic brisket, Chef Solomonov chops the braised meat and vegetables, then layers them between pieces of matzo in a casserole dish. Work ahead by preparing the brisket and vegetable filling a day in advance.
Rose Water Macaroons with Frozen Pistachio Custard
In this inventive dessert, coconut macaroons are flavored with rose water and served on top of a frozen pistachio custard.

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