7 Desserts That Bypass the Stove and the Oven

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We love summer baking, but when it’s really hot outside those ovens should stay off. Beat the heat with these six no-cook desserts, which are incredible easy to prepare, no stovetop or oven required.


Orange Cream PopsOrange Cream Pops 


Adults and kids alike will love these homemade pops, reminiscent of the creamy orange treats you used to buy from an ice cream truck. Freeze the pops in standard molds, or try the alternative method, which doesn’t require any special equipment. You can also skip the sticks altogether and just serve it in scoops, as you would ice cream.

Grapefruit GranitaGrapefruit Granita


We love that granitas can be made without an ice cream maker or popsicle molds, and pink grapefruits make the most beautiful granita. For the best results, squeeze your own grapefruit juice or buy it fresh and unpasteurized from a juice bar or market.

Neapolitan TerrineNeapolitan Terrine


This modern version of Neapolitan ice cream is layered in a loaf pan for a pretty presentation. If you really want to gild the lily, drizzle each slice with hot fudge sauce.

Blackberry Fool Blackberry Fool


Fold blackberry puree into freshly whipped cream, and you’ll have a light, delicious dessert in a flash.

Frozen Tiramisu Frozen Tiramisu


Our favorite Italian dessert is made with ice cream in place of mascarpone cheese and assembled in individual molds to simplify serving for a new twist.

Unicorn Popcorn Sundae


Baker Amirah Kassem’s Unicorn Popcorn Sundae recipe has all the festive feels of a Funfetti cake with none of the actual baking.

Philadelphia-Style Vanilla Ice Cream Philadelphia-Style Vanilla Ice Cream


This style of ice cream skips the step of cooking a custard on the stovetop. It’s made by simply churning milk, cream, sugar and flavorings, so it’s quicker and easier to prepare.


Looking for more no-cook ideas? We’ve got an array of no-cook appetizerssoups and entrees to help you stay cool—plus see more no-cook desserts here!


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