7 Festive Punches for Fall

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Highlight this month’s cooling temperatures with a bevy of autumn beverages. Many of the punches here either showcase seasonal fruits, make the most of comforting spices, or are served warm for maximum coziness. At your next get-together, raise a glass to the season with one of these recipes.


Pink and White PunchPink and White Punch


Here, mixing brightly colored Aperol (an orange-flavored Italian aperitif available at most liquor stores), white wine and sparkling water creates a pretty pink effect.


Spiced Scotty Toddy


This drink is an exotic approach to the classic boiling hot water-based toddy, with the addition of sweet butter. You can also use freshly whipped cardamom and ginger-sweetened cream on top of the mug instead of butter. 




Parker Punch


For this single-serving bourbon and Champagne cocktail, you can make the spiced syrup several days in advance and refrigerate. Then all that’s left to do is combine the ingredients in a cocktail shaker and shake. 

Spiced Hot Toddy


Who doesn’t love a hot toddy? This version gains a lovely flavor and aroma from toasted sesame oil, used in place of butter. We have also traded in the typical cinnamon, which can often be overpowering, for ginger and star anise.


Pomegranate Frost


Cranberry and pomegranate juices give this fizzy beverage a gorgeous plum color that’s perfect for fall. Garnish with fresh pomegranate seeds for a fancy touch.



Allspice Milk Punch


Old-fashioned milk punch combines dairy and some kind of alcohol, often rum. Here, allspice dram and nutmeg give milk punch a holiday flair. Note that this punch recipe makes one serving, although you can easily multiply it to make the drink for a crowd. 


Cranberry-Champagne Punch

This cranberry and Champagne punch isn’t just for the holidays; the flavor of cranberries (plus a fresh cranberry garnish) makes it a wonderful punch for fall.  



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