A Hanukkah Menu from Ina Garten

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Happy Hanukkah! To help you create the perfect celebration, we asked TV host and cookbook author Ina Garten for a traditional menu of her favorite dishes. From braised brisket to a simple but foolproof pound cake, this is easy entertaining, perfected. Read on for her dishes, and learn how to bring it to life with our hosting tips.




Braised brisket with carrots and onions is a great one-dish meal, and Garten’s version is easy to make ahead. She makes the meat ahead of time, slices it when it’s cooled a bit, then reheats it with the vegetables in a pretty ovenproof serving dish.


The Barefoot Contessa made this noodle kugel a dozen times before she got it just right, balancing savory with sweet, crisp with creamy. It’s sweet — good for the kids — but not too sweet, so it works as a side dish. (We recommend adding our Brussels sprout and arugula salad to the table for some color, too.)


For dessert, Garten’s pound cake is simple, but precise — she sifts the flour more than once to create the ideal delicate texture.


Entertaining Tips


  • Small accessories at the table are fun for guests. Wrap a dreidel in cellophane, tie with a colorful ribbon, and place on bread plates for a gift each person can take home to remember the celebration.
  • An all-white floral arrangement can look classic, not boring when accented with natural greenery. It’s a great choice for an elegant table with a well-defined color scheme.
  • Don’t be afraid to mix different patterns, as long as you stay in a similar color palette. Our bold blue Hanukkah plates complement a muted Jacquard table runner, particularly when paired with solid white and metallic elements.
  • Staggering short, small candles along a table runner creates a beautiful ambiance and adds visual interest to the table. Try using them instead of hurricanes or tall taper candles for variety.
  • Consider a new presentation for familiar dishes. We love how elegant a simple pound cake can look when placed on a silver cake stand with a garnish of lemon peel spirals.


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    You will never have both dairy and meat in the same meal at any jewish table. Great entertaining tips though 🙂

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