A Pizza Party for Grown Ups

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This post comes to us courtesy of home entertaining and lifestyle blogger Jenny Steffens Hobick


I think some of the best parties are those that remind us of being young. After all, what’s more fun than feeling like a kid again?


Do you remember when you were in grade school and everyone had a pizza parties for his or her birthday? Now we’re all grown up, and there is still nothing better than getting together with your friends on a Friday night for pizza. The concept may still be the same, but the pizza has changed — it’s better!



Host an interactive pizza party and let your guests put their own spin on their pie!


It’s a great party for a Friday night because you can pick up the ingredients on the way home from work (store-bought pizza dough, fresh mozzarella, meats, veggies, basil, etc.). All you need to do is put your guests to work when they arrive. That’s right – make the guests do the work! I promise they won’t mind. They might actually like getting to pick exactly what goes on their individual pizza. Visit my blog for pizza recipes and toppings ideas, or find dozens of recipes on Williams-Sonoma.com.


For dessert, continue the theme and serve Build-Your-Own Brownie Sundaes. Make it even more special by baking Peanut Butter Brownies. On the brownie buffet, include grown-up toppings like candied pecans, dark chocolate chips, vanilla bean whipped cream and homemade salted caramel sauce.


Grown-Up Pizza Party Menu

Marinated Olives & Salted Cashews

Homemade Pizzas

Caesar Salad

Build-Your-Own Brownie Sundaes with Peanut Butter Brownies

Local Seasonal Beer


Entertaining Tips


  • Buy store-bought pizza dough (unbaked) from your local pizzeria or grocery store
  • Buy pre-chopped veggies, artichoke hearts and cheeses from the salad bar at the grocery store
  • Make a quick centerpiece of fresh Italian herbs like basil and rosemary for the table


About the authorJenny Steffens Hobick, a home entertaining and lifestyle blogger, makes entertaining accessible and enjoyable… for the hosts and guests.  As a former caterer and party planner, Jenny shares her secrets to hosting casual and elegant parties. From table settings to recipes, her creative tips and resourceful methods inspire her readers to make Everyday Occasions special – whether it be a family style feast, elegant cocktail party or intimate dinner for two.  Jenny believes that entertaining at its best is done often, with an effortless and easy style.

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  1. D. P. Pedersen

    Garlic paste slathered on the crust before the toppings go over make the pizza even better and makes everything taste fabulous!!

  2. Caroline

    Love the idea of a pizza party for any age! It can be a great party idea for families where everyone can contribute to the fun.

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  4. i’m inspired…

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