A Very Trisha Yearwood Thanksgiving

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Too busy to make a homemade Thanksgiving this year? Save the time to spend with your family and friends, and get it delivered to your door instead with recipes inspired by Trisha Yearwood. Here’s what the kit, which feeds 8 guests, includes:

Free-Range 16-18-lb. Willie Bird Turkey

Arrives fresh, ready to roast.

“My mom used the exotic spices of salt and pepper on her bird, so I season mine generously. I use onions and celery and carrot to stuff my bird — and then butter. There are times to skimp on butter. Thanksgiving is not one of them.” – Trisha

Cornbread Dressing

Arrives frozen, ready to bake.

“One of my favorite things on the Thanksgiving table is my Grandma Lizzie’s famous buttermilk cornbread dressing.” – Trisha

Sweet Potato Souffle

Heat and serve.

“One of my other favorite dishes is sweet potato souffle, which comes in a heat-and-serve container. All you do is put it in the oven and it’s going to taste just like mine.” – Trisha

Watch the Video:

Mashed Potatoes

Made with real potatoes.

“Now if you ask my husband Garth what the best food on the table at Thanksgiving is he would say mashed potatoes. I top mine with a little bit of melted butter and top them with chopped-up chives.” – Trisha


Turkey Gravy

“All you have to do is thaw it out then you just put it in a pot and whisk. And then make it your own by putting it in your favorite gravy dish.” – Trisha


Cranberry-Orange Relish

“I grew up with the old-fashioned cranberry sauce. You know, the one in the can with the ridges? But my sister Beth brought this one Thanksgiving and it took cranberry sauce to another level.” – Trisha


Lemon Pecan Pie

“This is my pecan pie recipe, and I added a little lemon twist to it. You can dollop with whatever you want — I use a little bit of fresh whipped cream.” – Trisha

Order Trisha Yearwood’s Complete Thanksgiving Dinner here

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