Alton Brown Tells Us About His New Cookbook: “This Is Who I Am Right Now in My Life”

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Alton Brown

A self-portrait of the author. Photo credit: Alton Brown


It’s been four years since the release of his last cookbook, but Alton Brown is back with a vengeance, thanks to his latest release, EveryDayCook. In his eighth book, the Food Network host, cookbook author and culinary personality offers a window into what he prefers to eat in his daily life (he cites the cookbook’s kale salad and chicken parmesan meatballs as some of his all-time favorite recipes).


We asked the host of Good Eats and Cutthroat Kitchen, who remains ever-curious (“every meal still holds myriad mysteries,” he told us), to tell us a bit more about the impetus behind EveryDayCook and why he approached making this book very differently.


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The subtitle for your new book is “This time, it’s personal.” What does that mean?

Alton Brown: Because this is my food—the stuff I eat every day. If you came to my house for a meal, odds are you’d be served something that appears in this book.


On your own podcast, you said it took such a long time for you to come out with another cookbook because you didn’t have anything to write about. Is there a definitive and singular moment when the idea finally came to you, and if so, can you tell us about it?

AB: I was actually in a museum looking at one of Rembrandt’s self-portraits, and I realized that I’d never done anything that I could consider a self-portrait. I realized it was about time to make that kind of statement to say, “This is who I am right now in my life.”


The cover of Alton's new cookbook. Photo credit: Sarah De Heer

The cover of Alton’s new cookbook. Photo credit: Sarah De Heer


Every picture in this book is shot from above with an iPhone, and was taken in your house, rather than a photo studio. We also noticed some of the props—like hubcaps and toothbrushes—were pretty unconventional. Why’d you do it this way?

AB: Straight-down shots lend themselves to very graphic compositions, because you’re essentially removing one entire dimension: depth. Everything becomes about balance, texture and light. That presents a very interesting and mixed bag of challenges, which I appreciate.


As for the plating, I do reach for some rather odd items in my food life and I think the straight overhead angles heighten our awareness of those items, whether it’s a slide carousel, a hubcap or an old army mess kit.


What’s your favorite tool in the kitchen?
AB: If I was in an accident, I’d have my hand replaced with spring-loaded tongs.


Complete the sentence: “It’s embarrassing how much I love __.”

AB: Sardines.


What’s next for you after the #EveryDayCook book tour is over?

AB: I’m planning my book-writing retirement party.


Catch Alton on his EveryDayCook book tour: He’ll be stopping by our Williams-Sonoma Beverly Hills store in the Los Angeles area and Williams-Sonoma Ponce City Market in Atlanta. 



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