Arancini: Sicilian Party Bites

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I relished the story of Williams-Sonoma’s trip to Sicily last summer, when the team soaked up the rich culinary traditions of this unique region. Among the many specialties they tasted were authentic arancini —¬†light, golden rice croquettes served as snacks in Sicilian cafes.


These savory bites — fried and crispy on the outside and deliciously creamy on the inside — can also make fantastic hors d’oeuvres at an Italian- themed party. Our version can be simply ¬†heated and dipped in marinara sauce, or you can roll up your sleeves and make them yourself (they’re a bit time-consuming, but your effort will be rewarded after the first bite).


Here’s how it works:


Stuff the rice balls
After you cook and season risotto rice, the rice is stuffed with a mixture of meat and cheese and formed into balls. Tip: The best way to work with the sticky rice mixture is to use one hand for holding and shaping the rice, while keeping the other hand somewhat clean for handling the spoon. Also, try making the rice a day ahead to simplify assembly.
Roll the arancini in breadcrumbs
Next, you apply an egg wash to the balls and roll them in breadcrumbs, preparing them for frying.
Fry and enjoy!
Finally, the arancini are deep-fried and kept warm in an oven before serving. Pass around on a tray for an elegant — and classically Sicilian — appetizer.


Crunched for time? You can also purchase arancini online — just heat and serve!

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    This sounds so good. Looks like I have another recipe to try this weekend. Great appetizers for NBA All Star weekend!!

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