Artisan Spotlight: Emily G’s

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Every month Williams-Sonoma hosts Artisans’ Markets in six cities throughout the country, in order to feature gourmet foods from small producers who are passionate about the homemade treats they sell.


One of the many small producers who will be selling homemade gourmet foods at the Atlanta market this weekend is Emily G’s, a duo known for their unique combinations of hand-poured jams. I chatted with Gina Bodell, who, with her friend Emily Myers, founded Emily G’s back in 2008.


How did you get the idea to start making artisan products?

It all started with a strawberry picking play date, way too many strawberries, and a great passion for good food. We made our first batch of strawberry jam and gave it to friends and family, and they were hooked!  We sat down with our husbands and brainstormed a name, and Emily G’s Jam of Love was born.


What are your friends’ and family’s favorite product you sell?

Jalapeňo Raspberry, Triple Berry and Cabernet Sauvignon. Jalapeno Raspberry is always a crowd favorite, and our Pear Honey was the Flavor of Georgia winner this year.


What’s your favorite way to use your product?

With all our unique flavors, the jams make for great marinades and glazes.  They are really fun to pair with different cheeses.


Who inspires you in the kitchen?

My grandmother inspired me, and I learned so much from her.  I am a bit self-taught and have a great love for food and that keeps me in the kitchen learning every day! Emily’s love for food inspired her to attend culinary school in Cincinnati, and she was a sous chef before she had kids.  We just put our heads together, hop in the kitchen and create!


About the author: As a merchant for the Williams-Sonoma artisan market program, Vicky seeks out artisans and their products for the 5 markets in the cities of New York, Chicago, Atlanta, San Francisco, Portland and soon to be Austin for their monthly events. She looks for artisanal products that customers can taste, learn and experience first hand from the artisan themselves.

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