Asian-Style Cabbage Rolls

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Asian-Style Cabbage Rolls

This stuffed cabbage is packed with Asian flavors like fresh ginger, cilantro and shiitake mushrooms. It bakes with a hoisin and rice wine vinegar glaze, which keeps the bundles moist. You can adjust the spiciness by adding more of less red pepper flakes. Serve this dish with a cold soba noodle salad.


Asian-Style Cabbage Rolls


2 Tbs. canola oil

1 tsp. Asian sesame oil

2-inch (5-cm.) piece fresh ginger, peeled and minced

3 cloves garlic, minced

4 oz. (125 g.) shiitake mushrooms, stems removed and caps thinly sliced

1 lb. (500 g.) ground pork

3/4 cup (4 oz./125 g.) cooked brown rice

1 carrot, shredded

2 green onions, white and tender green parts, sliced

1/4 cup (1/3 oz./10 g.) fresh cilantro leaves, minced

1/2 tsp. red pepper flakes

1 Tbs. soy sauce

3 tsp. rice vinegar

1 head napa cabbage, cored and leaves separated

1/4 cup (2 fl. oz./60 ml.) hoisin sauce


Preheat oven to 375°F.


In a frying pan, heat the canola and sesame oils over medium-high heat. Add the ginger, garlic and mushrooms and saute until the mushrooms begin to caramelize, about 5 minutes. Let cool slightly and transfer to a bowl.


Add the pork, rice, carrot, green onions, cilantro, pepper flakes and soy sauce to the bowl. Sprinkle with 1 teaspoon of the vinegar. Using your hands, mix until well combined.


Lay a cabbage leaf on a work surface with the stem end closest to you. Put a heaping 1/4 cup (2 oz./6o g.) of the pork mixture near the stem end, fold the stem end over the filling, fold both sides toward the middle, and roll up the leaf rightly around the filling. Place the roll, seam side down, in a 9-by-9-inch (22-by-22-cm.) baking dish. Repeat rolling cabbage leaves until all the filling is used (reserve any leaves for another use).


In a small bowl, stir together the hoisin sauce and the remaining 2 teaspoons vinegar. Brush the sauce over the rolls. Bake until the pork is cooked through, about 30 minutes. To test for doneness, carefully unwrap a bundle and check that the pork is cooked through. Remove from the oven and serve. Serves 4-6.


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31 comments about “Asian-Style Cabbage Rolls

  1. joe escher

    Looks like a wonderful receipe.. it would help people like me if you said what temperature to cook this meal at.

    1. Williams-Sonoma Post author

      Hi joe, you should cook the dish at 375 degrees for 30 minutes. We are updating the recipe accordingly. Thanks for the call-out, and we’re sorry for the inconvenience!

  2. Jen Ellis

    Can you please let me know where I can buy the pan in the picture? I just love it!!!!!!

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  4. Janelle

    I usually don’t comment on blogs but felt I must since I actually attempted to make this recipe.

    First off it is poorly written. Many vital steps are left out. While the ingredients are good there are more components needed to make this work.

    Napa cabbage is not a good choice for this recipe for several reasons. First and foremost it is sinewy meaning…stringy when cooked in this manner the white parts of the napa cabbage become very hard to bite apart when left long and whole like for this recipe. A better choice with just as much yummy goodness would have been savoy. One of the other reasons is that in order to actually use the 1/4 cup per wrap as suggested you would have to use only the outer four leaves of several heads of cabbage. The cabbage leaves get much narrower right away. Again Savoy cabbage would take care of this problem.

    The mixing of ingredients only calls for a scant tablespoon of vinegar…..ummmm can you say crazy dry! Did anyone actually taste this after it was done? There needs to be a emulsifier something to bring the ingredients together, something to add moisture.perhaps an egg or olive oil….something. It was terribly dry on the inside when done.

    The recipe neglects to tell you where to put the mushroom mixture once done. Obviously it goes into the stuffing but come on people…..really. A poorly written recipe is very frustrating for the folks trying to make it.

    Last but not at all least… Brushing on sugary hoisin sauce with out adding a little bit of oil isn’t really a good idea. It browns quickly bc of the sugars and dries out quickly causing the paper thin cabbage leaves to dry out and become paper like.

    I’ve never tried a recipe from Williams Sonoma and unfortunately because this was so poorly written and I had to basically rewrite it….I won’t be trying another.

    Disappointing to say the least. The bones were there but the follow through was sad, to say the least.

    1. Williams-Sonoma Post author

      Hi Janelle, we are so sorry to hear that you were disappointed with this recipe; we will pass along your review to the appropriate team. Thank you for taking the time to give us feedback.

      1. Martha P

        I still want to try this recipe even if others were not happy with it. I’ll try it with cabbage – stemmed and lightly steamed to soften it. I’ll let you know how that works.

    2. Janet Butler

      Thank you for these comments. They have made me revise my recipe on this dish. I love cabbage rolls, bought some ground turkey, will add cinnamon with 5 Chinese Spices, a terriyake sauce mixed in with sweet and sour honin sauce. They will be served over wild rice blend and a salad with thai peanut sauce dressing. nice to have a real cook explain what is wrong with knowledge the ingredients.

    1. Kristen

      just want to add… mine weren’t dry at all! Great flavor; loved it, will definitely be making this again!

  5. Susan

    I followed recipe, except used regular green cabbage as that is what I had on hand. I blanched the cabbage leaves to slightly soften. I read the above comments after completing the dish, so decided to brush organic tea seed oil on top of hoisin sauce to prevent drying out. (This oil is very mild, so will not compete with flavor profile like eevo would.). I also covered with foil for 20 min to help steam the cabbage, then uncovered for remainder of cooking time. Serving with simple steamed broccoli for brightness on the plate.

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  10. Diane

    What a great recipe for using on-hand ingredients and tweaking according to your own tastes! Instead of pork, I mini-cubed some chicken, used ginger in a tube (try it), and omitted mushrooms because we don’t really like them. It was great! The cabbage did become a little dry, which would be remedied if I had thought to cover the dish while baking (it would steam that way). Anyway, it was delish, well balanced, and light. By the way, try the chili made with leftover Thanksgiving turkey!

  11. Kristen

    I am going to attempt making this dish as deconstructed cabbage rolls. I’ll let you know if it works out 🙂 As it is, I have made this dish several times, and we love it!

  12. Tahon

    Delicious recipe, the flavors are great. I would suggest blanching the cabbage leaves first as they ended up quite stringy. The stuffing is fantastic though as is the hoisin glaze. Will definitely do again.

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  14. Danielle

    I made it, and even after substituting ground lamb for ground pork, it did not come out dry. In fact, a significant amount of liquid was generated in the pan during the cooking process. I did not cover it with foil, I used old, cooked, short grain brown rice and omitted the carrot since it was the only ingredient I didn’t have.

    The Napa cabbage I had was 11-14 inches long. I trimmed a little bit of the bottom of the stem off but didn’t parboil. I didn’t find the texture stringy, but I did notice my boyfriend getting stringy bits on his plate; which I attribute more to this being an awkward food to cut and eat.

    I use an Asian brand of hoisin and it did not burn in the oven.

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  19. sandra

    I made this with the Chinese cabbage that was abundant in my fall garden (it seeded itself from spring) There were so many leaves out there, I actually went on line to see how to pair them with pork, and this is the recipe that appealed to me. I made it once, and loved it so much, I went out and harvested another 15 large leaves and made a second batch (in the oven right now). First batch had a little too much ginger, so I put less in this time (about two and 1/2 tablespoons when ground) and a little more garlic (fresh from the garden) 5 large cloves and a little more oil in the sauté pan. I didn’t have fall cilantro, so I used parsley, and for the rice I used the already cooked organic brown rice that comes in individual packages ( a friend gave it to me; what a time-saver in this recipe!) I used an organic sesame garlic sauce instead of Hoisin. On top I drizzled a little olive oil. Can’t wait to try it again. Thanks for the spicy and delicious recipe. I will make this for little appetizers at New Years or maybe even a dinner. What sides would you suggest?
    Love, love, love!

  20. Yukiko

    I tried this recipe and napa cabbage worked very well. I baked the dish in the oven slightly longer and brushed the rolls with the liquid that came from the rolls. I also made a shortcut of not sauteing mushrooms but used dried mushroom (I soaked them). The napa cabbage softened and got a great flavour. The filling is not dry (I’m not sure if that one commenter had even tried the recipe actually. Similarly as you can make meatballs with only ground meat without adding eggs etc, the filling works very well). I ended up using 12 leaves from one napa cabbage and of course the inside leaves are smaller, but they could still be wrapped properly. Thanks for the yummy recipe!

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