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This post comes courtesy of Williams-Sonoma associate and beer enthusiast Dennis Ayles.


In anticipation of Father’s Day this weekend, I could provide a few beers your Pops would be stoked to receive. Instead, I thought I might offer a few gift suggestions that would spare him from adding another necktie to his collection. Bonus: the ideas below will also make sure he knows you didn’t just stop by the liquor store on the way over.


The Reader

If your dad is one who likes to hang out on his favorite chair with something to read, give him some great material. A few magazine subscriptions he may enjoy are Draft, All About Beer and Beer Advocate. All of these publications rate beers, and they also contain articles about what’s going on in the beer world, such as features on breweries and brewers, food pairings and much more.


If he’s planning a trip abroad or wants to learn more about a style of beer, Brewers Publications is a great web site to visit. They have a few options for the traveler, as well as other titles that provide the history behind various beer styles. A few brewers have also published books about their individual stories, the building of their breweries and more, such as The Craft of Stone Brewing and Craft Beer Bar Mitzvah.


The Doer


If your dad likes to tinker, then a hands-on gift may be your best bet. What better gift for the beer lover than a homebrew kit? I know what you’re thinking: A) that’s expensive and B) what if he doesn’t like it? Luckily, there are several options to choose from. Brooklyn Brew shop offers a great 1-gallon kit sold at Williams-Sonoma — it’s a perfect way to try out home brewing without making a huge investment. The instructions are very easy to follow, and the Everyday IPA is delicious.


The Taster

Beer Clubs: If you are looking to give Dad a gift that keeps on giving, several companies online offer membership in Beer of the Month clubs. Most places offer three-, six- or 12-month programs. It’s is a great way to allow your dad to try beers or styles of beers he may not have tasted before.


Meet the Brewer: Similar to winemaker dinners, craft brewers also offer “Meet the Brewer” dinners. These dinners are usually hosted by a beer-centric restaurant, brewery or brewpub. The chef and brewer collaborate on creating pairings for their particular beers. The great thing about these events is that you normally get to taste beers that are not widely distributed or have been cellared.


Happy Father’s Day — and cheers!


About the author: Dennis Ayles, from Inventory Management, is our resident beer expert here at Williams-Sonoma. He keeps everyone up to speed on the latest trends, his favorite brews and what we should be drinking.

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  3. Fathers Day

    Hello from USA. I love the cool gift ideas. They are so Thoughtful. These products are very unique and my father will adore it. He’s a beer lover father so believe he will enjoy it. I’d want to see a fathers day edition of this article. Thank you


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