Begin the Day with Apples

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This post comes courtesy of Kris Balloun, a member of the Williams-Sonoma content team.


Last fall, my family bought a little house in San Francisco’s Noe Valley neighborhood, complete with a backyard and two apple trees — a rare and wonderful find in this urban area.


But before escrow closed, the house sat empty for weeks during prime apple season. Sadly, by the time we had the keys in hand, most of the apples were inedible grounders.


Ever since, I’ve been anticipating the first apple season in our new home. Now that the fruit is ripening, I have to admit, I’m a bit overwhelmed with our crop.


I’m determined to not let the fruit go to waste. I’ve prepared some tasty apple salads and have grand plans to make applesauce and chutney on the weekends. There are pies and cobblers and tarts to bake, and of course, we’re sharing our bounty with friends. But those two trees are loaded with fruit. A lot of fruit!


While searching for apple recipes, my thoughts have turned to breakfast. Lately, I’ve been stirring a chopped or grated apple into my oatmeal, along with a dash of cinnamon — it’s a comforting meal on cool autumn mornings. What other ways could I transform apples into breakfast fare?


For inspiration, I checked the Williams-Sonoma website and found some delicious-sounding recipes — all top-rated by our customers. Here’s a sampling.


Spiced Apple Coffee CakeYou can’t go wrong with coffee and cake for breakfast. Fragrant with cardamom and cinnamon, this moist cake is laced with chunks of apple and drizzled with a vanilla glaze.








Spiced Apple-Filled PancakesKids will adore these petite pancakes, which are reminiscent of apple pie, down to the dollop of whipped cream.



Challah French Toast with Cranberry-Apple CompoteCranberries and apples are natural partners, with the tartness playing off the sweet. Combine them into a flavorful compote and spoon over thick slices of challah French toast.







Cinnamon Waffles with Caramelized ApplesCaramelized apples turn these cinnamon-spiced waffles into a brunch dish that’s fit for company.
Apple and Sausage PattiesThe versatile apple takes well to savory as well as sweet preparations. Blend grated apples with bulk pork sausage, shape into patties and fry, then serve alongside your morning eggs.


About the author: Kris was raised in Kansas on JELL-O and frozen fish sticks. She rebelled at a young age by learning to cook, whipping up a batch of fluffy scrambled eggs that impressed her family. These days, she’s an avid home cook who loves to host dinner parties for friends. Her favorite techniques are grilling in the summer and braising in the winter. Now she’s landed her dream job — editing all of the recipes for Williams-Sonoma.

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  1. Louise H. Cortelyou

    Finish the day with a glass of Heritage Apple Wine!! Discovered in Alyson’s Orchard in Walpole, New Hampshire!!!!! OR try fried apple slices with scrapple(a true Pennsylvania Dutch fall supper!)


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