Canned Beer Can Be Good Beer

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If you love good beer, going to the beach used to mean you had to wait until you got home to open up a cold one. If you love to hike, you hoped one of your buddies would volunteer to lug a few bottles to the top of the mountain and then lug the empties back down. And a lot of our summertime destinations, like pools and parks, don’t allow bottles.


Well, the beer gods have listened! Drinking beer from a can is not just reserved for the tasteless options we’re used to. Over the past few years, more and more craft breweries are producing beer in cans. Here are some of the best canned beer options.


The next time you head to the beach, it’s only fitting that you should grab a six-pack of Big Swell IPA from the Maui Brewing Company, or kick off the first hike of the season with a Hell or High Watermelon Wheat beer from 21st Amendment.


A few of my other favorites are GUBNA and Dales Pale Ale from Oskar Blues Brewery in Colorado, and Boont Amber Ale from Anderson Valley Brewing Company in Boonville, California.


Since many of these breweries are small, the distribution tends to be regional. But with more than 100 breweries offering a few of their selections in a can, take a closer look next time you’re standing in front of the cooler at the store. You may just find one of your favorites chilled and ready to be tossed into the ice chest as you head off to the lake.


Still unconvinced? How about the fact that cans weigh much less than bottles, which means it takes less fuel to transport them, and they are easier to recycle. When you finish your beverage on your hike, just crush the can, stick it in your pack and bring it back down the mountain. You won’t notice the weight (those empty cans weigh almost nothing), and there’s no clanging of bottles.


And yes, I’ve saved the best reason for last. Cans block 100% of the light, which ensures no oxidation, meaning your beer will stay fresher, longer. So what are you waiting for? Grab some cans and let the summer begin!


These are some of my favorite canned craft beers, and I want to know what yours are. Leave your suggestions in the comment area below!

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