Can’t Resist a Doughnut? Then Try 6 of Our All-Time Favorite Recipes

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Cinnamon Sugar Doughnuts Wide

All week, we’re paying homage to the doughnut by highlighting it on the blog every single day. Doughnuts come in so many craveworthy forms, and picking the best is sort of like being asked to choose your favorite child—impossible. Still, here are five options, from old-fashioned cake doughnuts to cinnamon sugar holes, that are all-time favorites.


Buttermilk DoughnutsButtermilk Doughnuts


These old-fashioned cake doughnuts, aromatic with cinnamon and nutmeg, are easy to prepare.

S’mores Doughnuts


Try this innovative spin on the campfire classic: a doughnut split down the middle so that it can be used to sandwich toasted marshmallows before being topped with a chocolate glaze and graham cracker crumbs.

Lemon-Glazed Raspberry Doughnuts


These sweet treats offer a delightful surprise in the middle—a dollop of raspberry jam. They are best served the same day they are made, so plan to make these when you have a houseful of guests.

Mini Ricotta Doughnuts


Ricotta yields a light and tender pastry dough, which makes it perfect for these addictive fritters, brightened with lemon and topped with a drizzle of warm herbaceous honey. For an even simpler finish, skip the honey and dust them with confectioners’ sugar instead.

Cinnamon Sugar Doughnuts


Cinnamon sugar is a basic flavor combination that simply can’t be beat.

Glazed Doughnuts


For a truly nostalgic start to your day, opt to make glazed and chocolate-covered doughnuts, and top them with rainbow-colored sprinkles for extra pizzazz.


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