The Top 6 Best Ice Cream Shops in America

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Matcha with Fior di Latte soft serve from Tartine Manufactory, one of our favorite ice cream shops in San Francisco. Photo credit: pastrywithjenn/Instagram


June is National Dairy Month, and to celebrate, we’re on a mission to find out which scoop shops are the best in America. Since the average American consumes around 22 pounds of ice cream per year, to go get to the bottom of our question, we turned to the people who know ice cream best: you.


We hardly expected to reach a definitive conclusion, but many of you made a pretty compelling case on Facebook and Instagram for why your favorite spot should be a contender for the title. Whether they’re gelaterias, creameries or old-fashioned ice cream shops (we don’t discriminate!), below are six of your absolute can’t-miss destinations for scoops in the country.

Mora Ice Creamery in Bainbridge Island, WA

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Facebook user Sandy S. wrote us to say that she loves Mora Ice Cream on Bainbridge Island in Washington. “Their Peppermint Ice Cream is to die for!” She wasn’t the only one: “SOOO good!” Conor S. replied to her message.

Below Zero in Savannah, GA

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Mary R.’s cast her vote on Facebook for Below Zero in Savannah, Georgia. She adds: “They make it on a cold slab before your eyes, then present [it] in small rolls in a cup.” The result looks like a a bunch of blooming flowers. 

Capogiro Gelato in Philadelphia, PA

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On Instagram, @natalieang15’s hands-down favorite is Capogiro Gelato Artisans in Philadelphia, PA. “The best outside of Italy 🇮🇹!” she wrote. Judging by the looks of that kiwi gelato, we can understand where she’s coming from. 

Leatherby’s Family Creamery in Taylorsville, UT

According to @towandamamma, Leatherby’s Family Creamery is where it’s at. She wrong on Instagram: “NOTHING compares. It’s delicious, traditional and has been around for decades!”

Piccola Gelateria in New Orleans, LA

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Facebook’s Dennis J. absolutely loves Piccola Gelateria. “Ria Alicehic Turnbull and Ross Turnbull are the purveyors of the absolute best gelato in New Orleans,” he declares, adding that they pay “careful attention to utilizing only the best ingredients to create a phenomenal product.”

Churn in Phoenix, AZ


Instagram’s @cillarose gives her vote to Churn in Phoenix, AZ. A bonus? They also have “the best salted chocolate chip cookies—perfect for ice cream sandwiches,” she says.


Did we leave your favorite shop out? Be sure to chime in below, and check out more crowdsourced suggestions on Facebook and Instagram.


10 comments about “The Top 6 Best Ice Cream Shops in America

  1. Donna Bliss

    Leopard’s in Savannah, GA.
    All of Leopold’s super-premium ice cream is hand crafted in historic downtown Savannah using the original, secret recipes and techniques handed down to Stratton by his father. Many of their toppings and ice cream ingredients and all of their sandwich meats and salads are prepared from scratch by a Leopold’s chef. Leopold’s Ice Cream is committed to serving the finest, freshest ice cream, soups and sandwiches in a family friendly environment with the best customer service possible! The Best!!!

    1. Ginger Pillman

      You should have included Scooters Frozen Custard in Chicago. Best ever frozen custard with wonderful owners and great customers. Love it

    2. Sindy Scholze

      Leopold’s Is the BEST ice cream on the planet….!
      Can’t believe it didn’t make this list!!

  2. Lisa

    I second Leopold’s in Savannah, GA! Old time ice cream shop with cool movie props and posters. Yummy ice cream with seasonal flavors offered monthly. Love that they highlight local Savannah items such as honey from the Savannah Bee Company. Fav flavors are the Chocolate Chewie and the Ginger. Don’t forget the paper hats for the kids or the young at heart!

  3. Cindy Ruoff

    When I first saw this article, I wasn’t going to bother reading it, ‘cuz I figured anything in the Top 5 wouldn’t be anywhere near me in Northern AZ! And I was right – almost. There is a place on the list called Churn’s in Phoenix, which is about an hour-and-a-half drive! Might be worth it (especially if I need to go down there for anything else)… The photo of the ice cream AND cone looks unique and yummy! I grew up in Upstate NY – we had the BEST ice cream (Carvel’s was a fav) or FROZEN CUSTARD ANYwhere – it just doesn’t compare! When I moved out West as a young adult, I realized just how good it was and how much I (and my family) missed it… Many of the old fashioned hamburger stands back East (also another food item that is sorely missed) usually had a frozen custard section, as well. However, one stand-alone place was Abbott’s. Anyone who knows Abbott’s knows it’s the best!

  4. Sheryl Pappas

    Jaxson’s Ice Cream Parlour and Restaurant in Dania Beach, Florida has been around for 61 years fo a good reason. Homemade everything, using the freshest ingredients, keep customers standing patiently in line to get in, or order at their take out window.It’s a delicious institution.

    Another gem is Chillin’ in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Their nitrogen ice cream and frozen yogurt is the smoothest, creamiest ice cream you ever tasted. It is the best!

  5. Diane B

    Handel’s, started in Youngstown, Ohio. Best flavor is their chocolate pecan.

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