The Year in Instagram Recipes: Our 2015 Best Nine

Best of 2015, WIlliams-Sonoma

9 Best Instagram Recipes


The latest social media phenomenon to go viral is a website that highlights your most “liked” photos on Instagram, and everyone from Kourtney Kardashian to Lauren Conrad is using it. We thought we’d jump in on the fun by sharing our nine most popular images shared on our Instagram account this year. Without further ado, a countdown of our 2015 Best Nine.


#9: Strawberry Galette


  #8: How to Build a Cheese Plate    

  7. S’mores Brownies  

  6. Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies  

  5. Affogato with Vanilla Ice Cream  

  Affogato with our homemade Vanilla Gelato. Click our profile link for the recipe. @bialettiusa #treatyourself #coffeetime   A photo posted by Williams-Sonoma (@williamssonoma) on

  4. Pomegranate in a Pear Tree Cocktail  

  3. Tomato Bruschetta  

  2. Deep-Dish Cranberry Pie   

  1. Crispy Roast Potatoes with Thyme  


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