Ask the Test Kitchen: What’s Your Go-To Juice Combination?

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Favorite Juice Combinations

One of our strategies for starting the new year off on a healthy foot is to reap the benefits of fresh fruit and vegetable juices. Whether you juice as a pick-me-up in between meals or in lieu of solid food as a cleanse for several days, it’s an easy way to refresh your body and bring it back to balance.


Fresh-pressed juice isn’t just orange juice and beet juice; there are innumerable fruit and vegetable juice combinations, and different ingredients tout specific health benefits while offering unique flavor profiles. To help you become your own juice aficionado, we asked our test kitchen to share their choice juice combinations.


“I like to add juices to my day at different times for different reasons,” our culinary director Amanda Haas explains. (She also loves juicing to add flavor to her cooking.) For her breakfast, she starts with something a little bit different: an All-Green Juice with romaine, kale, spinach, parsley and celery. “I love this green juice with a savory breakfast like scrambled eggs and quinoa,” she explains. “Heavy on greens and light on fruit, it provides nutrition without a lot of sugar. Plus, the lemon juice cuts the grassiness of the greens.”


Later in the day, it’s time for an energy boost thanks to the unusual pairing of fruits like Meyer lemon and Asian pear. For that, Haas loves this combination of the two fruits with ginger (find the recipe under “Day 22”). “I go really heavy on the citrus,” she adds as a tip.


Williams-Sonoma Test Kitchen cook Amanda Frederickson is a huge fan of Carrot and Apple Juice with Ginger at the start of her day. “I love our carrot and apple juice with ginger because of the combination of carrots and apples. The carrots add loads of vitamins, while the apples lend a sweet flavor. Plus, the ginger gives it a spicy zing that’s perfect to get you going first thing in the morning.”


See our test kitchen make a fourth favorite, Green Ginger Juice, in our 15-second video below.

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